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You wear it well…

Since opening my shoppe, I often wondered where the clothes go… who the ladies are, how they would wear it. Thanks to the fabulous WendyB, I’ve been able to find the lovely Super Kawaii Mama who bought the Red Leopard cardi.

Style Bubble

And I was particularly delighted when Susie Bubble purchased the Faux Fur Bolero… for a number of reasons. One because I love her, two being it’s a unique piece, and I know she could style it perfectly, and also because she has such a great appreciation for a variety of silhouettes, inspiring me to experiment more with shoulder pads. I had such a hard time myself letting go of this but I’m so happy it found a good home.

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6 comments for “You wear it well…”

  1. I love seeing the photos of your happy customers! That’s so fun.

    Posted by WendyB | May 30, 2008, 12:37 pm
  2. mee too!

    Posted by jennine | May 30, 2008, 1:38 pm
  3. Why thank you Jennine. I’ll be keeping an eye out for more pieces to make the journey here to Australia.

    Posted by super kawaii mama | May 30, 2008, 3:11 pm
  4. I’ll be Coveted-shopping more…just you wait!

    Posted by susie_bubble | June 2, 2008, 1:53 am
  5. i love it that each of these ladies style their (your) pieces so differently, and yet of course each works so well.
    i would love to see ladies wearing former violetville dresses. i’ve never had anyone send me photos, but i love it when people write in to tell me about where they’ve worn their pieces, or the compliments they’ve received, or all about their plans… otherwise sometimes you feel like you’re just shooting things out into space, bon voyage-style…

    Posted by violetville | June 3, 2008, 6:48 pm
  6. oh yes, i feel very lucky to see these pieces in action in their new homes!

    Posted by jennine | June 4, 2008, 1:30 pm

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