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Websnob: The Cure for a Flat Bum, Dior Mobiles & Louboutins UNDER $200

A Few Goody GumDrops tells us what choos to wear to a graduation.
Stiletto Jungle shows you how to get sexy, sun protected summer hair.
All About the Pretty is excited about her new travel skin care line M Lab Travel Collection.
BagBliss loves technology. Meet the new Christian Dior Cannage Cell Phone.
Bag Snob finds Ten Bags under [...]

Today’s Attire: Play

After writing yesterday’s post about Agathe, I decided it was time to go out and shop. It’s been a long time since I’ve been in an actual shop with the intention to buy given my current financial situation, but I thought was in dire need of accessories so shopping was ok. I know I’ve [...]

Reel Around the Fountaine

I’m always delighted to see illustrators and their whimsical takes on reality. It never fails to cheer me up on a muggy overcast day, nor does it fail to inspire me forge ahead in my own labor of love. The beautiful work of Australian artist, Fontaine Anderson is no exception. Inspired by ancient Egypt, [...]

A little bit of everything….

Fringes, ribbons, knitted ruffles, tie front blouses… oh my. It’s like my wildest fantasies come true. Ok, so I may have strange fantasies, but 25-year-old, Greek born, London designer Ioannis Dimitrousis certainly can put a collection together mixing my fancies. I particularly like the woven ribbons they are so pretty and yep, they are pretty. [...]

The Stylebytes Mystery

She left us with a note saying she was off to Stockholm for a long weekend. That was almost a month ago. Were it any other blogger, you might say “oh… they probably ran out of ideas”, or “they just got sick of blogging”, or it’s just a lot of work with little returns… but [...]

5 Ways to Take Sun Protection to the Next Level

I collect sunscreen the way some women collect shoes. Tubes and bottles brimming with SPF fill my medicine cabinet, purse, gym bag and closet. I have extras stashed at my boyfriend’s place and in my desk at work. While I adore my current fave — Anthelios Fluide Extreme 50+ — I’m open to the next [...]

NEW in the Shoppe! Florals, Stirrups, Strapless, Delite

Delighted by the plethora of patterns and textures this weeks shoppe is full of goodies! I’ve even found two pairs of high waisted stirrup pants (remember those??) although one pair was too small for me to model myself… I’ll find a skinny lady willing to model soon. As I also found a leopard print unitard [...]

Wigging Out

Would you wear a wig? I’m just wondering…. Lately I’ve been seeing some very inspirational wigs taking forms my natural hair could never achieve. From the shiny black bowl cut of YSL to the towering Diane Pernet-shaped wigs created by Chrarlie le Mindu. Wigs have been around since ancient times but for some reason for [...]

Whatever it is I think I see becomes a Prada bag to me

As much as I’d love to have the $1500 to shell out on a Prada bag, It’s not reality and the one on Etsy is $29.50 has it’s own charm and character.
When shopping, I’m always looking for elements that inspire… Hardly do I look for exact replicas, but for pieces that relate to points of [...]

Today’s Attire: Frenchie

Things to write on my gratitude list today… Boyfriend wears Filippa K. He’s very tall and thin like those male model boyish looking men… which is very nice methinks. If Susie Bubble can borrow from her boyfriend… why can’t I? It’s only natural, being as his bureau is closer to the bed than mine…
I [...]