Stars & Straps Forever… New* Shoes in the Shoppe!

*new to us anyway.

I am a shoe person. I love shoes, they are my absolute favorite thing to shop for. Shoe shopping is so nice when you’re feeling blue, mostly because they’re easy to try on, and there’s never that ‘ugh, i fit into a smaller size last year’. Anyway, it was wonderful to find a selection of secondhand vintage shoes. I try to buy vintage shoes as much as possible (even though I am so coveting the gladiator wedge and whatever’s on Imelda). In response to the comments about my new Oxfords, I found three pairs, and of course since it’s the summer of gladiators, I found really interesting hand-worked cage sandals, and the strappier, the better.

This week, the shop will have a new schedule, because I’ll be going to Paris this Friday (more about that later). I have some really great pieces on the way!!

jennineStars & Straps Forever… New* Shoes in the Shoppe!

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  1. pretty face

    Arh why do shoes have to come in sizes??? I wish all humans had the same size feet or some machine to enlarge or reduce them, wouldn’t that be sooooo cool?!

    I love those ones with the stars so much my heart gently aches…

  2. Poochie

    Look for the small stuff! I can wear 5.5s and, depending on how vintage, old 6s which are like today’s 5s.

    I love the fleur de lis pair.


  3. pretty face

    Oops update: I’ve realised there’s a lovely pair in my size, but I’ve never bought on etsy (do have an account though) - what’s the method of payment?

  4. Ashe Mischief

    Those fleur ones are so lovely! They have this Marie Antionette-ness about them (the style, that is, not necessarily the colors).

    Curse those with little feet!

  5. Cammila

    Don’t tell me where you find these beautiful things. I want to believe they appear on your doorstep as gifts from some benign and stylish visitor from a heavenly shoe-world. :)

  6. Post

    oh dear! i wish there were a machine to adjust shoe sizes too!


    pretty face… etsy uses paypal, it’s pretty easy even if you don’t want to open a paypal account, you can use a credit card… i wonder which ones they could be?

    ashe, i know vintage little feet!

    camilla…. oh in a way they do, in a way they do…

  7. EJ

    Oh lord, that first pair of shoes has got me considering hacking bits off my feet a la the ugly sisters just to fit into them.

  8. pretty face

    Jennine - it’s the other navy pair! I’ve wanted navy shoes for yonks… I shall be considering them :)

  9. Fenke

    the browns ones are sold already…? or are they not for sale? they would be my second choice :-)
    the ones with the stars I would have bought immediately, if they weren’t too small.

  10. missmilki

    Oh, oh I can’t believe those star shoes are in my size! I was all set to admire them and blame my tiny feet that they weren’t in my size but they are and now I have to grapple with my conscience and my credit card…this isn’t good first thing in the morning!

  11. Post

    pretty face! ah! those are great… i love the cutout details!

    fenke… aw, the sandals already sold , and they are the same size as the star ones too… (i wanted to keep them, but they are just too small for me to be comfortable)

    missmilki… these are really special shoes… i know what you mean about the shopping bit though, but they really aren’t too pricey.

  12. Imelda Matt

    Today I’m tempting you with something even better - it might be the best work I’ve ever done…hold on to your skirt!

    The tan ‘caged’ sandals are a refreshing take on the Glady! I wish you had an Etsy for men :(

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