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Priestess, Divinely Human

Quirky-cool is probably the most honest of the varieties of cool. As everyone is known to have quirks, embellishing it is divinely human. Priestess NYC, designed by Cody Ross, is an street wear label ‘about elegant street mix — the nuanced way in which young women blend edgy and chic, organics and synthetics and [...]

New at American Apparel… the “Cadillac of Vibrators”

Even American Apparel is getting in on the vibrator action. Gosh, after last week, I’m almost an old pro in regards to talking about vibrators… Yes, it’s true, you can now purchase your vibrator where you buy your t-shirts and leggings, and even your baby shower presents. Not that I’m terribly surprised, I mean [...]

Fire Engine Red

Every now and then, I’ll find a lonely relic of times past. Like this old German firetruck rusting in the woods. We were riding our bikes pretty much all day in the forest, and I hadn’t really put much thought into what I was wearing, except maybe to keep from melting and rolling up my [...]

Leather Reincarnate

“In my past life, I was a Leather Jacket.” says the cute little handbag as she nestles into a pretty blouse. One may say she’s been talking to too many new-age junkies. But then again, we’re the ones talking to handbags.
It’s true, in the Haut Marais district of Paris, you’ll find this lovely [...]

A Walk in The Forest

In my adult life, I have always lived in cities. The hustle and bustle the street car noise. Concrete. Now, I live in a wooded neighborhood, just meters from the forest. It’s so lovely to be able to go for a run and to hear the birds chirping, to look above to the transparent green [...]

Websnob: Heroes & Tie Dye

Style Style Style
A Few Goody GumDrops Visits The Met to see Super Heroes:Fantasy and Fashion
Stiletto Jungle features cheap-chic summer fashion finds.
Bohemian chic never looked so good with modern tye-dye fashions, says Coquette.
Debutante Clothing is smitten with jazzy, flapper era accessories and shoes
Fashion, Evolved shares some great indie designed pieces Found on Etsy
In honor of the [...]

Dream Beds*

*it would be lovely, but my adult life won’t allow for it.
My entire life, I’ve wanted a canopy bed. Maybe it’s my inner princess? I remember dreaming that one day I’d have this magnificent bed, you know, “When I grow up”. As far as fancy beds go, I must say, fancy beds go in the [...]

Nasy as they wanna be…

If you’re no stranger to eBay Vintage shopping, you’ll know Nasty Gal. Earlier this week, Sophia ventured out to create her own online boutique. I must say it’s beautiful, well-designed and fun to search through. I guess I’m not the only one who thought so, because she basically sold her entire inventory. (good reason [...]

Like I need another vibrator in my purse….

I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist. At the Lancôme event last week, they introduced a revelation in technology, Vibrating Infinite Power Mascara. I mean, when they announced it, there were raised eyebrows in the room… like we’ve heard of vibrating lipstick (ahem… I know, dirty mind), but would you want anything vibrating near your eyes?
I [...]

Push Play 4 Me

In Paris, a city where effortless chic rules the streets, it’s nice to see a little pink boutique that specializes in playful jewels and accessories. 4 Me by Julie Bernandin, creates her own world mixing chains and semi-precious stones with vintage toys.
‘Her very personal universe is translated by a wide range of jewels corresponding to [...]