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Instant Cougar

I like to tell people, “I’m a cougar.” Even though I’m not old enough, yet.
One thing that isn’t age specific is this Coloron press-on eye shadow spotted by the lovely ladies of M.I.S.S. CREW. I thought wow, this is perfect for me, as intricate make-up is something I have little patience to perfect. Kezia has [...]

Goddess of The Future

One of the cool things about being in a new city is all the little unexpected surprises. Avoiding the main touristy streets and trying to get to the main Bebelplatz of Fashion Week, Rocky and I happened to pass a quiet white building with the most beautiful dresses in the window. Collegium Hungarium Berlin, a [...]


There is nothing wrong with having a healthy aversion to black. In fact, I rather admire it. In a sea of sensible grey and Mischa Woeste of Smeilinener has chosen to stick to a playful sense of color and bold prints of stars, stripes and polka dots. It rather reminds me of the girl who [...]

Berlin Day 2

My feet are about to fall off. Stupidly I forgot to bring sensible shoes, and have been walking around Berlin for the last few days in 3″ heels. But other than that things have been excellent. Yesterday we saw Scherer González and M/by Kostas Murkadis. Between shows, we went to see Fenke (Tres Plus Cool) [...]

Berlin Day 1

Berlin has been a lot of fun, going to shows, meeting up with bloggers like Mahret (f&art), Mary (Pudri), Lisa (La Lila) and some designers that I have covered in the past like Pristine Smut. I even saw the Face Hunter, and walked up to him to introduce myself, but he was preoccupied. [...]

Berlin (for real)

Sooo… I am in Berlin, we made it. I tell you, my week in traveling has not been very easy. It took 11 hours to get to Berlin from Frankfurt, (crazy driver, car broke down in the middle of nowhere) but we made it in last night safe and sound. Rocky’s sister lives in [...]

You Eccentric Bird

Dude, I so need new accessories. Looking through my little golden apple aka, my jewelry box, I’m noticing a big hole in my attire. Bobbles, shiny pretties, all that good stuff. Eclectic Eccentricty makes these quirky and pretty little costume pieces. Sculls and roses.

Green Makeovers and Non-Toxic Manicures!

Lead in lipstick? Dioxane in baby shampoo? The beauty industry needs a makeover!
Did you know: Popular brands of shampoo, lotion and make-up contain chemicals linked to cancer, infertility and skin damage. Find out what’s in your favorite products and discover the secret to safer alternatives at a free event Saturday, July 19, 12-2 at the [...]

The Designer (new in The Shoppe)

Probably one of the first reasons I wanted to become a designer of some sort, was because I always loved the cool, snappy way designers dress. As though they were trying to make order out of chaos. Of course, I pick the superficial reason for choosing an occupation.
This weekend I found loads of scarves, ties, [...]


The lure of long hair has always had this romantic, captivating feel about it. Tell your boyfriend your cutting your hair, just to watch him freak out. But the reality is that it’s a lot of work, and it kind of grosses me out, even my own hair. My Love for You is excellent at [...]