5 Ways Peplum

An optimist will make constraints an opportunity for creativity. I’m not going to lie, lately I’ve been experiencing some economic restraints, and shopping a couple of times a week isn’t really something I can do at the moment. But looking back on it, my shopping habits were kind of crazy, buying new stuff, maybe wearing it once before it gets tossed into the depths of my overstuffed-closet. I’m finding that I may not be able to get my hands on the latest pair of platform gladiator sandals or whatever it the ‘it’ item these days, and it has little really to do with style. It’s more about working out what’s available, and what’s reasonable… and little ingenuity when it comes to wearing a special piece in several ways.

A few weeks ago, I received a package in the mail from the lovely Sophia from Nasty Gal, who’s recently launched her new online boutique. She included a little note specifying that the watercolor peplum was a ‘skirt’ but I can probably wear it as a dress.. you bet I’ll wear it as a dress! But upon fiddling with this piece, I thought there was much more potential with this… a dress, yes, but what about wearing it with another skirt? With the right piece it an be an empire waist, or a flapper-like drop waist… or with a blazer for work, and yes.. even a skirt.

jennine5 Ways Peplum

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  1. K-Line

    You’ve done excellent things with this dress/skirt! I love Nasty Gal. If I were an online shopper they’d definitely be getting my business…

  2. Cammila

    I’ve been feeling just the same way lately! Upon some reflection, frequent shopping doesn’t seem like any replacement for creative styling. And you prove this perfectly! You evoke something different with each of these variations — greek goddess, 20s gamine, urban fairy princess — all gorgeous!

  3. Imelda Matt

    oops Imelda’s been on the bulbs and I forgot to mention that in today’s Marc Jacobs post…hehehehe

  4. w

    I love this! My favorite is the one where you’ve paired with the purple skirt.

    And: I too have been feeling the financial/shopping crunch and have been trying to rework my own dresses as well. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. kelly LOVES whales

    Gorgeous styling, Jennine. Speaking of shopping less, a few weeks back I mentioned The Coveted in an interview I did with Pacific Sun (a Marin County weekly)about my year of no-new clothes. They included a reference to The Coveted in the column, including your url in the print version and a link in the online version.

    If you are interested, you can read it at http://www.pacificsun.com/story.php?story_id=2236.


  6. Post
  7. AngieMontreal

    Love, love, love this, in every way you’ve shown!!! I think the shoes you paired it with make it look especially delicious!

  8. hailey

    very creative, and I would have had no idea how to wear it once. Perhaps you may know how to wear this on the bottom right??

    It’s supposed to be a ballet sweater but I just can’t figure it out. Any tip would be appreciated if you have time.
    Thanks so much :-)

  9. Post

    @ hailey… oh, i would guess layer it with a dress of some sort? or another shirt or tube top?
    it’s really nice!

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