Into the Light : Rhyme & Reason

Many moons ago, I was the “Glinda, the Good Witch of the North” for Halloween. The costume consisted of a tiara, wand, a blonde wig and a puffy pink prom dress with silk flowers I had wired with LED lights. It was by far one of the most creative costumes I’ve come up with. In a way, I miss that dress. Aside from the clumsy wiring I did with a soldering iron and the chunky battery pack hidden in the giant bow, it amazes me that LEDs aren’t used more often in clothing.

Rhyme and Reason, a knitwear collection designed by Mary Huang plays with the notions of light as a material. Soft and feminine, these pieces have an ethereal quality about them, much different from the ultra-futuristic Hussien Chalayan video dresses which use a similar concept of wearable light. In the Rhyme and Reason pieces, the wearer is transformed by the illumination of white hand-crocheted lace flowers. I could easily see these at work at an evening wedding held at dusk… that way, it would be impossible to be overshadowed by any of the wedding guests.
rhyme & reason led scarfrhyme & reason led dressrhyme & reason led scarf

jennineInto the Light : Rhyme & Reason

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  1. Poochie

    Egads! That’s lovely. No other word for it.

    It’s like bringing along your own candlelight.


  2. Korka

    I love the wedding idea!

    Could you please post a picture of yourself in the Glinda costume, Jennie?

    I’m curious.

  3. Post

    oh my goodness… i would love to, but the only pictures were taken by my ex ex ex boyfriend, and those were the days when i didn’t catalog myself… too bad, i’d like to see a pic too.


  4. missmilki

    I love it! You’re right, why isn’t there far more LED clothing? I’d definately wear it!

  5. Cammila

    I promise I’m not exaggerating when I say that you have absolutely made me consider doing this for my wedding!

  6. Post

    ooh i would love to see a wedding that uses a lite up bride. camilla you would be radiant.

    lafemme, so nice to see you here.

  7. Imelda Matt

    WOW!!! I’m a bit iffy about wearable futurism but these are stunning. Unfortunately I can see the less than desirable ‘club’ application of this technology!

  8. marie

    Brings new meaning to Bowie’s White Light White Heat, yes?
    Back in the states, LA specifically, if any one is interested in learning how to actually incorporate light and magic into their fashion, check out the Machine Project event on Sunday: http://www.machineproject.com/
    We’re going to sew the electric into the fabric…

  9. ambika

    These shots are absolutely dreamy. Even if the clothes aren’t something I’d necessarily wear, the glow makes them so appealing.

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