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Gareth Pugh: The Best of Both Worlds Science Fiction & Costume Drama

Being in a relationship, I can tell you one thing about renting movies. I’ll turn my nose to any random sci-fi action movie, and Rocky well veto any costume drama. In the past year of my relationship, these genres have become cinematic dead zones.

While I know everyone and their mother has been posting about Gareth Pugh’s incredible SS09 collection… I just couldn’t let this one go by without posting about it either. It’s amazing how he pushes the envelope by choosing form over function. While I do believe there are pieces in this collection that are by far some of the more wearable pieces he’s ever designed… gorgeous as anything I’ve seen.. there are his more experimental pieces going between science fiction and Elizabethan references. I do believe that there is a lot of Star Wars in this, with the light side and the dark side.. and of  course the white armored look which I can’t help but to think of a storm trouper.

Science Fiction in Real Life

Gareth Pugh SS09 on the runway, and a couple of Stom Troupers calling collect… photo by Steve Schofield in his series about people who dress up as (science) fictional characters.. it’s a great photo series.

Life and Legend

Elizabethan revival, in the most modern of ways… of course you know I can’t help but to post neck ruffs.

Maybe, just maybe, someone will put these two together in a film as successfully as Gareth Pugh so Rocky and I can agree on a movie…. we’ll see.

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2 comments for “Gareth Pugh: The Best of Both Worlds Science Fiction & Costume Drama”

  1. these are gorgeous!
    well last halloween I did my sci-fi honor. I was spock(ette). With high heels and a skirt, was posh-spock! LOL
    This year I cant wait to dress up as… I’m still debating, ha! ;)

    Posted by meli | September 29, 2008, 7:38 pm
  2. haha that’s cute that there’s both. u can use it as a metaphor. ;)

    and storm troopers! you’re so right@ i didnt even think that. and i always love to see something outlandish doing something mundane like that storm trooper picture.
    ive been paying attention to pugh a little bit more since i fell in love with a leather dress of his via polyvore!

    Posted by Prêt à Porter P | September 30, 2008, 11:42 pm

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