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by Sonja on January 19, 2009

I love making my own beauty concoctions. I have an extensive essential oil collection and am forever mixing my own bath salts and body lotions. But one thing I do not like to make is a mask. I love the thought of it. I mean, who wouldn’t want the freshest, most natural ingredients beautifying their skin? But masks usually call for perishable ingredients, like eggs and bananas, so they generally require mixing a batch each and every time I want to give myself a facial. If I’m feeling lazy and impatient, I don’t want to do that. I just want my mask. Making my own also means I have to have the forethought to have those things in my fridge. Sigh.

Super Fresh, Natural, and Hand Made

So how happy am I that I discovered Body Deli’s brilliant line of all-natural masks with incredibly fresh ingredients? Fantastically happy. The company sent me some samples to try and I was incredibly impressed.

Body Deli’s masks are so fresh that they have to be refrigerated and have use-by dates. They include fabulously yummy ingredients that made my skin simply radiant. And I don’t have to shop for or mix the ingredients. I simply applied one (or two) of their wonderful concoctions, which are way more sophisticated than anything I could’ve created anyway.

Body Deli products are “inspired by the concept of natural living and driven by the science of ‘living foods.” Everything is designed to feed the skin and is hand made in small batches with raw, fresh, natural, and organic ingredients, like organic yogurt, amino acids, fresh fruit and vegetables, and all-natural plant oils.

Happy Face

When I used their masks, my skin jumped for joy. Their expert recipes and super fresh, high-quality ingredients yield fantastic results. These are some of the best masks I’ve ever used. My skin immediately had the glow of good health. Since the masks are kept in the fridge, they also felt incredibly refreshing.

Intoxicating Treats

And they smell amazing, like they were just made that day. The green papaya and Japanese honeysuckle in the exfoliating Fruit Smoothie Masque put me on cloud nine. The hydrating Peaches & Cream Masque smells like summer has arrived. And I feel instantly transported to a heavenly mud bath in Calistoga when I apply the purifying Glacial Mineral Mud Masque.


Of course, you can use just one mask and get great results. But when I have the time, I take a cue from professional facials, like the one I got at International Orange, and use a series of two. I start with the Fruit Smoothie Masque, which exfoliates and clears away dead skin cells like a champ. If I have some blemishes, I follow up with the Glacial Mineral Mud Masque to suck out the gunk that’s clogging my pores. The very first time I tried this combo, my skin looked so much clearer and stubborn blemishes hit the road. If my skin is feeling dry, I follow up with the Peaches & Cream Masque to hydrate. This makes my skin sooo soft and supple. I even look younger.

Moisture Mist

With the Fruit Smoothie and Peaches & Cream Masques, you’re supposed to mist them to keep them moist. For this, I use Body Deli Mandarin Infusion Botanical Facial Mist. This is an ideal complement to a facial. It’s an aromatherapeutic blend of mountain spring water, organic aloe vera juice, vitamins E and C, plant oils, herbal extracts, and mandarin, tangerine, and jasmine essential oils. Awesome, huh? Along with smelling heavenly and making me instantly calm, it hydrates and adds nutrients.

Order Up!

Body Deli has whipped up six masks in all ($24 each). They also have Sea Plasma (anti-aging), French Clay & Algae (firming), and Oatmeal & Honey (nourishing) masques. The Mandarin Infusion Botanical Facial Mist is $16. Body Deli is an extensive line of more than 175 face, body, and hair products that you can pick up at their shop in Palm Desert, California, at spas, or at their website. If you order anything that needs to be refrigerated, like the masks, they’ll ship them to you on ice in a super cute insulated bag.

Thank you, Body Deli, for whipping up some off-the-charts beauty treats that bring out my beauty naturally.

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Ashe Mischief January 19, 2009 at 6:53 am

These sound like a delicious way to treat your skin so well!

vintage_mck January 19, 2009 at 9:42 am

Lush has similar masks, and as the stores are now located in Macy’s you can always pick one up on the way home from work!

gail January 19, 2009 at 11:12 am

Mmmm, these sound delish!
I have a question on something other than the masks, but a topic you touched on. Can I ask what your recipe is for mixing your own bath salts? I usually just pour epsom salts in the water then add drops of essential oil, but I’ve been told you need to mix the oils with the salts first so they disperse properly (of course, this is more work, but its not THAT much more work and I’d hate to lose out on any benefits because I’m lazy!). Thanks Sonja.

Sonja January 19, 2009 at 2:31 pm

❤ Ashe Mischief, I’ve used a lot of masks and was so impressed with these. They worked so much better than stuff I’ve used in the past.
❤ Vintage_mck, thanks for the tip! I’ve not used their masks but I definitely like many of their products. My one concern though is that they still use parabens and I’ve been trying to steer clear of those when possible, which is easier these days than it used to be but still a challenge. I love that Body Deli’s are incredibly natural.
❤ Gail, I definitely mix the oils in first so that I don’t have little oil globs in the water. It’s important with essential oils, because they’re very concentrated. I make bath salts in batches that are enough for a few baths, because I don’t feel like mixing up a batch for each and every bath (I’m lazy, too, and just wanna relax!). I use sea salts that I buy in bulk at health food stores (much more economical that way). I mix in a few drops of essential oils and a bit of jojoba oil or other natural oil. Grapeseed oil is also good.

gail January 19, 2009 at 4:30 pm

Thanks so much Sonja! I will have to look for the bulk sea salts. Except for the rare occasion, I quit buying salts that are already “prepared” - just too costly.

Sonja January 19, 2009 at 4:54 pm

❤ Gail, you’re so welcome! It’s so crazy what some companies charge for sea salts in pretty packages. I would imagine some are actually higher quality than what I buy. But I think it’s mostly marketing and presentation. I’ve found that I can find high-quality salts in bulk for soooooo much less so I don’t bother with the “designer” stuff. If I want it to look pretty, whether in the kitchen or bath, I buy my own pretty containers!

Vanessa January 20, 2009 at 9:57 am

have you ever used the fresh face masks from LUSH? they’re a similar concept, except the have to be refrigerated and only last for around 3 weeks because the ingredients are so fresh they go bad (just like food). i love them!

Sonja January 20, 2009 at 12:59 pm

❤ Vanessa, I haven’t tried their masks. I’ll have to give ‘em a try. Thanks for the tip and for writing!

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