Lovely Grey

So, here I am on the last leg of my trip… Paris…yes, again. I’m very lucky to have the chance to go twice in one month! The last month has been crazy, and I’ve put together some good outfits, but without a tripod or a person to take photos, it was difficult. Luckily, Rocky joined me for this trip so …

jennineLovely Grey

Notable, New Green Skin Care

Along with all the new makeup that’s been introduced for spring, there’s also a lot of outstanding new skin care. I’ve been sampling some really great green goodies. Here’s a raspberry treatment to wipe out blemishes, a new green line with a totally unique candle that doubles as a massage balm, a potent eye treatment, an incredibly creamy soap for …

SonjaNotable, New Green Skin Care

Beauty Solutions: Lighten Up, Babe… Naturally

It seems like everywhere I turn there’s a product to brighten the skin, whether it’s a serum, mask, or makeup with light diffusers. And every one of them catches my eye, because I’ve got spots, spots, everywhere spots. I’ve got freckles, brown spots from sun damage, and red spots left behind from various pimples that have come and gone. All …

SonjaBeauty Solutions: Lighten Up, Babe… Naturally

Dress Up London

This week has been an amazing week for IFB… first we had our NYC Soirée, and this Monday we had the London Soirée thanks to Mademoiselle Robot! (pictured below putting on lipstick). It was so great to meet all of you who attended this party, and it also had a great atmosphere like the NYC party, which is amazing. Mademoiselle …

jennineDress Up London

A visit to the house of Wendy

There are some people who have changed the face of fashion blogging, some by their wit, some by their inspiration, and some by their support… Wendy is one that has done all three. She first started WBJewelry in July of 2007, shortly before a visit to San Francisco, where I first met her on a dinner date. Since then, she’s …

jennineA visit to the house of Wendy

Beauty Solutions: No More Spidey Lashes

image by J.C. Rojas When I’ve done makeup for friends and they’ve asked for tips, I would tell them to just skip the bottom lashes. If it smears, you’ve got a mess that’s hard to fix. If it flakes, you get little black stuff under your eyes, and it’s hard to apply without looking like you’ve got little spider legs …

SonjaBeauty Solutions: No More Spidey Lashes

Blue Sequins

The last post was done in such a hurry, I totally forgot to post myself. According to some of the comments, I was being shy, but it wasn’t that… I promise, I’m not shy. It wasn’t because I didn’t like the photo either. Luckily, Agent Lover recommended the awesome Dustin Fenstermacher who did a great job of documenting our lovely …

jennineBlue Sequins