Well, I arrived in New York yesterday…. and it’s been lovely, my first day I dedicated to my analog friends, and then today it’s been about the shows. I met Danny Daily this morning, he’s lovley. And then off to Karen Walker, then to scout the Dress Up party site… and to make the day complete, threeASFOUR.

threeASFOUR has been noted as one of the more unconventional NY designers…but I really wasn’t prepared for what I saw tonight. Instead of doing the runway, they opted for a studio presentation in Chelsea. I must say that I preferred it to the 8-second runway gig, as they presented the models, and we could get real pictures without a telescopic lens. They had a surreal musical performance by Kria Brekkan, and the whole thing seemed like a strange trip to a 1970′s science fiction movie. It was almost the ice caves of Krypton (of course those movies were made in the 80s). I was really taken by the use of crystals on mesh leggings, fingerless gloves, and hoods, and of course the asymmetrical, sculptural silhouettes which also echoed crystal forms. As much it seemed like science fiction, I felt that many of the pieces are something that could well be worn today, and indeed…we’re ready for it.


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  1. Sweety P

    When I looked at the photos from the show, I felt like I was at a museum looking at pieces of art. A collection I def loved so far at New York Fashion Week!

  2. szaza

    How awesome! I just discovered them yesterday on a random web surf— I LOVE their pieces. So exquisite in shape, fabric and detail. Seems like you had so much fun! Great photos.

    I think I need to go stud or sequin something…

  3. jen

    highly jealous that youre in new york
    hope you see some interesting knits and if you don’t then there’s no point in me running my blog anymore

  4. Al

    Kudos for giving the clothing the attention and praise it deserved. The Cut winged about the cattle wrangle and poor visibility (rightly so), but completely failed to even mention the genius of the actual collection. Thanks for snapping the pics that I was hoping to get. My 6″ heels were still no match for a front row of aggressive press!

  5. alixrose

    WOW - that is all.

    Oh and glad to hear that you made it there safely and that so far your trip has been a success. Awesome!

  6. lisa

    Gorgeous! I love the white evening gown in the first picture, the cream fingerless gloves with the jewels, and the leggings.

  7. Sonja

    Absolutely gorgeous! What a great collection! I love all the crystals and the sheer fabrics. What a cool show. Your pics are awesome as well – but no surprise there! :)
    Wish I could be there with you to take in all the fabulousness!

  8. Sandra

    Those details are amazing.
    Damn girl - you’re camera takes stunning pictures! Are you using your DSLR?

  9. jessie

    Jeannine, I would love to see you take part in this:


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