The Lovely Faces of Spring

Spring Faces

While designers are showing their fall collections at New York Fashion Week, the colors of spring are waiting for you at stores right now. A new spring lipstick or rosy blush helps remind me that warmer, sunnier weather is on its way. For my first Coveted beauty video, I stopped by Saks in San Francisco and got a tour of what’s new. From fresh, romantic pinks to brighter, bolder hues, I think you’ll like what you see from these five gorgeous collections: Laura Mercier’s First Blush, Bobbi Brown’s Blushed Pink, Chanel’s Bohemian Fantasy, Dior’s Lady Dior, and YSL’s Spring Look.

Randy says the more vibrant palettes will be released after New York Fashion Week. I will most definitely look into those and share them with you. Eco-beauty bonus: Randy also mentioned that Saks has begun testing a great recycling program. When you finish your beauty products, head back to the counter with your empties. They’ll recycle the containers and give you a “token of appreciation.” Sweet, huh?

Do Tell

So what do you think of these new spring colors? Are you about ready for a dose of fresh colors to fend off the winter blahs? Do tell.

P.S. Check out our regularly updated Beauty Resources page for some amazing beauty deals from companies like Benefit, beauty.com, and spalook.com.

SonjaThe Lovely Faces of Spring

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  1. violetville

    you’re a natural on screen!! :)

    i like the sheer coral / pink shades of lipstick from the YSL, but i’m horrible with eyes, so the idea of using pinks and purples and greens and citrus on my eyes is terrifying!

  2. Sonja

    ❤ Violetville, thank you! I’ve reported news on TV so I figured I ought to get around to doing some videos here at last. I totally know what you mean about the YSL colors. They’re so pretty but not as practical as I’d like. The skin has to be absolutely perfect to make it work. But I really like the Bobbi Brown and Laura Mercier. Those are super pretty and wearable.

  3. Ana

    Great video, Sonja! I loved the Bobbi Brown collection, the sparkle eye shadow that is shown in the video is the best shimmer I’ve tried so far!

  4. Elizabeth

    Wow Sonja! You are a professional! I am going to have to go to the makeup counter and play with the new colors! Thanks for the great report!

  5. violetville

    - Sonja, you’re right, the more I look into Laura Mercier in general, the more impressed I am with the practical, wearable beauty of it!

  6. Sonja

    ❤ AR, thank you so much! I really appreciate it!
    ❤ Ana, thank you, darling! That Bobbi Brown sparkle shadow is stunning! I’m totally loving it and will be writing about it this week.
    ❤ Elizabeth, thank you! Definitely get to a store. The colors are so pretty and such a nice pick me up amidst all these gray days and rain!
    ❤ Violetville, Laura Mercier makes such a great line. It doesn’t “pop” the way more dramatic lines do with their more vibrant colors. But her products bring out our natural beauty (same with Bobbi Brown). And isn’t that what makeup’s about? :) Plus, the formulations are top-notch.

  7. Yuki

    I want to see more of you the next time, Sonja! :) I’m also excited to hear about the recycling program. Do you know if other retailers are participating in similar programs as well?

  8. Carol

    Interesting - I don’t see myself in citrus eyeshadow, but some of the other was pretty!! I love makeup, but rarely take the time to experiment and change things up. This inspired me to try just that.

  9. Sonja

    ❤ Yuki, thank you! You’re such a sweetie. Next time it will just be all me. hahaha! MAC has a recycling program. Take back six MAC containers and they’ll give you a lipstick of your choice. I would think there are other programs out there; but I’m not aware of them. I’m sure more will be popping up though (at least I hope so!)
    ❤ Carol, glad to hear that the new colors inspired you. It’s easy to get in a rut and do the same thing day in and day out. It’s always good to switch things up every so often to keep things fun.
    ❤ Kay, thanks so much! The Bobbi Brown colors really are wonderful. The sparkle is so lovely – fun without going overboard. And yes, Chanel always has winners at every turn!

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  11. DFuss

    Great Job, Sonja. Love the pinks, especially in lipstick. I liked the shimmery blush too as I’m not a ‘colored’ blush wearer. Thanks for keeping me ‘in the know!’

  12. Sonja

    ❤ Thank you, DFuss! So glad you enjoyed the post/video. I’m all about pink. You’d think I was still in elementary school the way I’m drawn to pink. hahaha!
    ❤ Kayla, thank you! Finally got a good digicam over the holidays so I’ll be posting more videos and definitely going back to Saks to see the next wave of colors.

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  14. Patti Lee

    Wow Sonja, this is a fabulous video. I’ve been a little under the weather so just got a chance to see this…love the recycle part of the cosmetics. A fabulous concept, for sure.

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