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What about you?

Here on The Coveted we mostly talk about what we like, and about ourselves. You know a lot about us… especially me… Jennine. But I’d like to get to know more about you, why you keep coming back and what you would like to see here in the future, all in the name of improving the blog for both of us!

Three New, Gorgeous Glosses and Top Tips

image by rachel a. k.
Lip gloss is good stuff. The shine draws the eye and highlights the beauty and sensuality of one’s lips. Gloss is a super fast way to create a sexy, tempting pout. Even just a dot on the bottom lip makes lips look fuller and more voluptuous.
Today I’ve got tips [...]

Spring Fever

Do you get spring fever? I think I ask that question every spring. From what you may be able to tell, I do. Oh heck yeah. Actually, truth be told, I get excited about any change of the weather. It’s weird, I know… I guess variety is my favorite!
The first day of spring, this Saturday, [...]

Elegant Punks: A Little Chat with Felder Felder

Rock Sophisticate. Elegant Punk. I’m wondering if that’s really what’s going on these days.  True filth and rebellion no longer fit into such easy categories, as the elite don themselves stripper heels, leather and studs visual cues that used to be owned by social outcasts. It’s not anything new, we’ve been throwing away conventions left [...]

Three Colors

At the end of my three city tour, I had a photo session with the beautiful Anne-So of Cachemire et Soire. The Modeapss crew wanted to feature me on thier Un Jour Une Fille (one day a girl) series. Actually I had no idea what to expect. I brought my own clothes, some that I had also featured here, along with a theme in my mind.. monochromatics. I’m fascinated by the monochrome, but have only done white…black, grey, you know the non-colors….

Goodbye to Panty Lines and Whale Tails

The other day I wrote about hair and makeup innovations. Today I’ve got a fabulous fashion and health innovation to share: Commandos. It’s a pretty genius idea. They basically took the only part we need from women’s underwear, the cotton crotch, and put some adhesive on it so it adheres to the inside of pants. With Commandos, there’s no need to wear undies. It looks a lot better – no panty lines or “whale tails” – and it’s even good for our health, because it allows for better, ahem, airflow. Gynecologist Dr. Karen Lee calls the patches “a brilliant invention!”

Showing Skin

Earlier this week, I showed you Ayzit Bostan’s chains, blurring the line between clothing and jewelry, today is another example of lines being blurred, only here we have Maria Francesca Pepe’s AW09 collection where she leather and chains to create not quite accessory, and not quite garments. Bold shapes of cut out leather…
….she has touched [...]

Links à la Mode: Spring Fever

Are harem pants a passing phase? What seemed like a one season gig is going through fall on reLYME, which are perfect for going out, and when you do, don’t forget to practice your smokey eye as The Coveted gets tips from Benefit Cosmetics! If you wear makeup, it might be a good time to do spring clean your make up kit with What the Pros do… and if your short on cash, Retro Chick give us 5 tips to have fun anyway… and if you do have cash, maybe you’re planning on buying something you already have, Consume or Consumed delves into her multiple habits.


Some habits are inescapable. I may try to escape.. but then it looks too good, too tempting and I fall back. Coffee, chocolate, sleeping in. When it comes to style, there are some recurring themes in my life, liquid eyeliner, red lipstick, and the trusty red, white and black color combination. I try, I really [...]

Two Beautiful Hair and Makeup Innovations

I love when companies get creative and problem solve. I recently found two great innovations that I have to share – a line of styling products that defrizz, soften, smooth, and add shine to hair without hair-flattening silicone and a new, gorgeous, skin-brightening, mineral makeup that doesn’t make a big mess.
Blocking Frizz and Adding [...]


Designer Fashion in London

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