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Delicate Chains

You can chain me up, as long as it looks good, doesn’t weigh too much, and doesn’t constrict movement. How’s that for a primadonna? I also like camping as long as there’s a nice bed and a hot shower. These past few years we’ve been seeing a lot of chains, either chains made of felt [...]

Easy 80’s Hair

Personally, I did not have very stylish hair in the 80’s. Half of the 80’s I had two braids like Pipi Longstocking, and the other half consisted of the ‘feathered look’, the perm, and then the perm with a claw attached. Shudder. Looking back at the 80’s through the eyes of nostalgia, cinema and music, there were some really great hair styles. Robert Smith, I love you.

Coveted Illustrated

These days, portraiture mostly involves a camera, a digital camera…not always easy, but certainly instant. And like a lot of bloggers, for me, mostly it’s self-portraiture, and I tend to put myself under the critical lens, especially the times I draw myself (yes, once upon a time, I drew quite a [...]

“Spring Forward” Beauty Recovery Tips and Tricks

image by Steve took it
Every year I “spring forward.” I move my clocks up an hour and enjoy the sun shining a little longer and later each day. It’s great for my spirits. But the time change always takes a toll on how I look and feel. This past week, I’ve been soooo tired. [...]

Simple Complex

Here’s a complex, I’m ambivalent towards tee shirts, yet I love cotton jersey. I’m also finicky with tomatoes, but I love tomato products.  Well, it’s true, I don’t really like regular t-shirts so much… I may have a couple that I really like (maybe I should do a post about my three tees) but generally, [...]

Exclusive Video Preview & Tutorial: Benefit Smokin’ Eyes

Hey, ladies! I got an exclusive! I’m happy to announce that I have an exclusive video preview and tutorial of the new Benefit Smokin’ Eyes Sexy Eye & Brow Makeover Kit. This is a brilliant set with just about everything you need to create gorgeous smoky eyes with ease. They really thought this out [...]

My Review of Vivienne Tam HP Mini 1000

When I said ‘these days it’s all about mobility’ back in January, I had no idea just how much mobility I was about to experience. In January I received the Vivienne Tam edition of the HP Mini 1000 for review. I had never done a computer review before, so wasn’t sure how to determine if [...]

Links à la Mode: Week in Review

Week in Review…
Well as Paris wraps up, we’re still sifting though the fashion week madness, a Balmaniac wonders why mess with perfection on Breakfast at Saks, Dogmom’s Dish review McQueen for Target, Fashion Pulse Daily hits on Christian Soriano’s shoes. While we look at all that’s glamorous in fashion, Style Amor contemplates the dying magazine [...]

Feminist beauty queens need cake too…

Orly Cogan gets it. She really does.. like how can you be cute and sexy, good and naughty, love ruffles and make an excellent case for feminist theory. I’ve talked about Orly Cogan before.. she’s one of the first artists I interviewed wayyy back. We kept in touch over the years, and when I went [...]

Natural Evolution

Twisting ivy… the curve of a petal in blossom… these are the forms I see whenever I look at Ivana Ristic’s work. A few years ago, I picked up a pair of shorts by her, and since she didn’t have a website, I emailed her… since she lives in Belgrade, and at the time, I [...]

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