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Market Publique Launches

Once upon a time I dabbled in vintage sales, finding a good place to sell online was kind of hard. Pay the high fees on eBay and get a good chance of selling, or go to Etsy with lower fees and try to fit a vintage square peg in a handmade round hole. There really [...]

The Beauty of Acceptance

Most all of us, men and women, have some superficial thing (usually more than one thing) about ourselves that makes us a little crazy. We may try to hide these things or just feel insecure about them. All my life I’ve had various “flaws” that have tugged at me. I had tremendously oily skin and broke out all the time as a teen. I so envied those girls with beautiful, clear skin – the skin of my dreams. I break out less now but still…

Black in The Mix

Now it’s back to real life. Whatever real means…. oh yeah, catching up on my general plans for a better future, working, working, working. Sifting through the last two weeks figuring out what I really want next. I’ve come to realize that working at home, behind the screen hasn’t been very good for my wardrobe. [...]

Hello Beauty: A Video Hello/Intro from Sonja

Hello Beauty from Sonja Shin Hodgkins on Vimeo.
Last October, I introduced myself in my first post on The Coveted. Today I have a little video to you from me – an on-camera hello with more info about me, what I’ve been up to, and a look at what’s to come with my video blogging.
I’ll [...]

Links à la Mode: Reality Bytes

Reality Bytes
This week it’s all about the real thing. Fashion Reality TV overload on Fashion Pulse Daily… Running in High Heels on Ondo Lady.  Style Symmetry finds real life thrifters in the 100% Thrifted  Pool (finally someone did that post!), Reality hair on Life and Liberty, and Vivienne Tam hearts real bloggers on [...]

Hair Force

Admittedly, I think about my hair more than what’s certifiably healthy. There are days when I look at ‘everybody else’s hair with bewilderment, ooh look at the shine, the color, the cut and style! Just gorgeous, how do they do that?
While it’s possible to have gorgeous hair, doing it on my own is a whole [...]

Jackets Required

A few months ago Modepass did a project with Heimstone called the Traveling Jacket. Where they sent a single jacket to a bunch of bloggers to see how they would style it. They’re now working on a second installation with Eple & Melk Traveling Jacket, which I was happy to be a part of (I actually like this jacket more…)

Speaking of the elusive garment… is the jacket the new IT accessory?


Maybe it’s because this past seasons’ shows were my first experiences at a major fashion week, I didn’t really know what to expect. I’m still sifting through everything. Since I hadn’t been to the states since before the financial crisis, there seemed to be a very different tone. You could sense the worry in the [...]

Looking for Beauty Deals in the Men’s Aisle

Want to get a better deal on your skin care? Perhaps you need to check out men’s products. There certainly are enough of them these days. Traditional brands, like Clinique and Neutrogena, make an assortment of men’s products. There are also several lines created just for men, like Jack Black and Alford & Hoff. Guys no longer have to swipe our stuff. They’ve got plenty of really good choices and may be getting a better deal….

Belated Birthdays and Anniversaries

Yesterday was my birthday… and last week was The Coveted’s 2 year anniversary. It’s amazing how much has changed in the last few years. When I started this blog, I was working, but I didn’t know towards what, there was a lot of things up in the air, but nothing made any sense. In the [...]

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