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Beauty Tips Direct from Bobbi Brown and a Makeup Tutorial

I admit it. I’m smitten. Bobbi Brown comes out with so many great beauty products that bring out one’s natural beauty in fun ways. I can’t help but fall in love with everything. I love that her cosmetics come in incredibly beautiful, smartly chosen shades and textures that are always very wearable. Her latest releases – the Platinum Collection and new treats to put in her Custom Palettes – add sparkle and shimmer to special occasions, as well as every day, and make it easy to keep makeup organized.

Today I have details on her new makeup, special occasion makeup tips direct from Bobbi herself, a video demo I shot with one of her makeup artists, and info on a special event at Saks.

New For Spring

Go Platinum

First off… some info about the latest goodies. The Platinum Collection simply glistens so it’s perfect for special occasions. She came out with another one of her fabulous shimmer bricks. The new, limited-edition Platinum Pink Shimmer Brick ($40) combines warm and cool tones – soft pink, platinum, bright pink, golden coral, and rose – to add super flattering shimmer and highlights. Swirl them all together on eyes and cheeks or apply the shades individually on eyes. The new platinum shade is so lovely on eyes. It has a touch of gold to warm it up so I would think this would be flattering on anyone. (Check our Beauty Resources page for Bobbi Brown online promotions.)

She rounds out the collection with four new, cool, “smoked up” shades of her award-winning Long Wear Cream Shadow ($22), and three new shades of high-shine Lip Glosses ($20). There’s also a new, limited-edition Shimmering Body Oil ($34) that is to die for. This oil is infused with pink and platinum pearls, and essential oils to moisturize and condition skin. It’s so pretty – a lightweight formula lightly scented with her new fragrance, Party, that debuts over the holidays later this year. This is gorgeous on legs, shoulders, and décolleté.

New Shades for Customizing

Next up, Bobbi makes organizing her makeup a snap with her Custom Palettes ($10). Now she has even more colors and makeup for them. I love when I can pick and choose my colors and keep them all in one compact. My favorite is the six-pan. There are also four-pan and three-pan, which work well for toting in a purse.

She has added new, limited-edition Foundation Stick Compacts ($22) in the full range of her very popular stick foundations, including three new, highly requested shades. There are also three new, limited-edition Lip Quads ($20) – Rose, Pink, and Coral sets, each with four shades of lip colors – and two new, stunning Shimmer Blushes ($22) – Pink Coral for lighter skin tones and Plum Wine for darker complexions. I adore the Pink Coral. It gives such a stunning pop of shimmery color.

Top Tips from Bobbi

Bobbi was kind enough to answer a few questions about special occasion makeup and how to get more bang from your beauty buck.

What was your inspiration for the Platinum Collection? Any tips on how to best wear the colors?
Bobbi: Platinum Collection has an uptown-meets-downtown feeling – fresh, but also edgy. It’s all about contrasts: shimmering cheeks and lips matched with bold, smoky eyes. To get the look, dust the Platinum Pink Shimmer Brick on cheeks, eyes or anywhere you want to add shimmer for a pretty, radiant glow. Finish with glossy, high-shine lips in shades like Glacier, Nougat or Confetti for a luminous, modern look.

What tips and tricks do you have for doing makeup for weddings, proms, and other springtime special occasions?
Bobbi: No-smudge, long-lasting makeup is key for making sure your makeup looks great all day or all night. If you’re not comfortable using a gel eyeliner, apply powder liner with a slightly damp brush to make it last longer. Applying lip liner after lip color is also another good trick. It helps prevent lip color from fading or running.

What are some mistakes you see when people do their own makeup for special occasions?
Bobbi: For any special occasion, you – not your makeup – should stand out. Shimmer is a great way to dress up your look, but never use it on more than one or two features at a time.

Of course, the economy is quite a mess and people are being more cautious in their spending. Do you have any tips on how to stretch one’s beauty buck? Any extra uses for your products that we might not think of?
Bobbi: Investing in double-duty products is a great way to save money. For example, Pot Rouge can be used on both lips and cheeks, while a tinted moisturizer with SPF protects and hydrates skin while also acting as a foundation.

Video Demo

To get a closer look at Bobbi’s new colors and get a demonstration on how to do special occasion makeup, I headed to the Bobbi Brown counter at Saks in San Francisco, where the very talented Dominique set me up with a lovely look.

Saks Friends and Family Event

Now is the perfect time to get yourself ready for a special occasion or simply pick up some of the new spring colors. Saks is holding a friends & family event that begins tomorrow, April 16th, and runs until Sunday, April 19th. Various cosmetics and fragrance lines are having special events. Check in with your favorite counters for more details.

Do Tell

Do you have any special events on your calendar? Heading to a wedding, prom, or other swaré? How do you dress up your makeup for special occasions? Do tell.

P.S. Check out our regularly updated Beauty Resources page for some amazing beauty deals from companies like Bobbi Brown, beauty.com, and spalook.com.

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8 comments for “Beauty Tips Direct from Bobbi Brown and a Makeup Tutorial”

  1. Great post, love you got some tips from Bobbi herself!! The cream liners are prefect for bridal as they will stay put for hours and i like using the shimmer brick on the eyes sometimes.

    Custom palettes are such a great idea I hate the bulk of carrying around lots of packaging and I love the new lip quads, im gonna have to try them myself. I did a post a while ago on refillable makeup palettes if your interested… http://whattheprosdo.blogspot.com/2009/01/go-green-with-refillable-makeup.html

    Posted by WhatTheProsDo | April 15, 2009, 2:57 am
  2. The tips from Bobbi are great! I love that she says shimmer should only be used on one or two features at a time… Remember those roller-balls of glitter? I used to roll them all over my arms and cheeks, I looked like a clown! Good thing I was in 4th grade then, and even better that I grew out of that stage!

    Great post! Check out my blog!!


    Posted by Nikita Swatkowski | April 15, 2009, 6:33 am
  3. ❤ WhatTheProsDo, thanks! It was so nice of Bobbi to take the time to give us some tips. I’m so happy that she’s doing more with the custom palettes. I hate having single compacts all over the place. Thanks for sharing your post! I’ve been keeping my makeup super organized with Trish McEvoy’s Makeup Planner and customizable pages for eons. It’s really nice to contribute less waste to the landfills.
    ❤ Nikita, thank you! That’s funny that you said 4th grade. I was loading up glitter all over the place in the 90s when glitter got crazy popular. It’s so tempting to just shower in it. But I’m getting better with restraint. haha! :)

    Posted by Sonja | April 15, 2009, 11:04 am
  4. I Love your articles. You made such a great “face model” on this video. Wow! Fun to watch! Great stufF from BB - I discovered this line at one of the international airports…….love it!

    Posted by Patti Lee | April 15, 2009, 12:03 pm
  5. ❤ Patti, thanks so much! So glad you enjoyed the tips and video. Her line is delightful!

    Posted by Sonja | April 15, 2009, 2:22 pm
  6. You’re so lucky you get to experience all these fun makeovers! I love this look and the Bobbi Brown line in general. I must get some of her makeup soon.

    Posted by Kayla | April 15, 2009, 4:16 pm
  7. ❤ The makeovers are so much fun! I’ve always loved going to see my favorite makeup artists to get tips. It’s extra fun to shoot video and share with everyone. Dominique did a lovely job. You should definitely check out the line. She’s got an amazing selection of products that really work in bringing out one’s natural beauty.

    Posted by Sonja | April 15, 2009, 5:45 pm
  8. Ooo loving that platinum collection, I already see a bunch of things I want to try out! Time to go to Saks!

    Posted by Ashley K | April 16, 2009, 8:25 pm

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