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More and more I’m finding myself looking for basics. Comfortable pieces I can pair up with my random finds. Now, I’ve heard about people who like to spend a lot of money on a t-shirt, but I’ve never been one to do it myself. Ok, I have a few exceptions… there always is. The other day, I received a package from Inhabit, a luxury knit label that makes some of your not-so-ordinary basics. They make sturdy stretchy cottons and super soft cashmere sweaters, tanks and tees. I really love the website lookbook, and upon inspecting the pieces I got,  like light weight sheer cotton unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. Slightly thicker than jersey yet translucent and stretchy, perfect raw edges, that cling gently to my body. This really separates the basics you would get at an pricey/affordable American Apparel… and after wearing all day yesterday, everything still retained thier shape quite well, something cheap cottons don’t do (without spandex).

Mostly the price points are quite high, hence the luxury market they cater to… but on the site they’re currently having a sale, most pieces around $38-$58…. so it’s worth a peek.

Here I’m wearing the Inhabit wide strap cotton tankcotton v neck, and cotton cardigan (worn upside down)  with a few pairs of trousers I picked up at the flea market, on wide legged, the other harem style, bendy necklaces worn as a bracelet (thank you Imelda Matt for mailing these!), my diy feather earrings, and a sheer tank worn as a scarf.

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jennineInhabit Sheer Basics

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  1. Foley

    I know exactly what you mean, i’m not the kind of girl that can spend too much on a basic tee shirt, but i realize that basic pieces are most of my wardrobe… maybe it would be worth it to spend a bit more in very good basics that i could keep for years…
    I’m gonna check out the link you’re giving, that could be interesting.
    The bendy necklaces worn as a bracelet is brillant!

  2. grechen

    HOW CUTE are you!!! i love casual on you :), and the cardigan worn upside down? genius. i’m going to have to try that, although i’m not nearly as brave as you when it comes to my outfits.

    yesterday, i ordered two more cardigans (for a grand total of 4) and a long sleeve v-neck…i’m thinking i might need to head over there again and get some tanks. i love everything inhabit - i have 5 of their cashmere sweaters also. heaven!!

  3. apricot tea.

    Oh, I love this outfit. You look fantastic. & I think it’s so interesting how you wear the cardigan upside down. Only YOU could pull that off. ;]

  4. Sal

    I don’t generally invest in basics, but it’s kinda backwards NOT to. Basics are the building blocks of so many outfits … these Inhabit pieces are truly tempting, and I love the way you’ve styled them!

  5. Post

    ❤ ashe thanks!
    ❤ foley yeah right? i always skimp on the clothes i wear the most… what is that?
    ❤ caroline… thanks i’m addicted to the bendy…
    ❤ grechen, WOW you have almost everything by them! i can see why too…that’s awesome, i always think of you when i’m contemplating getting nice basics.
    ❤ apricot, oh i bet alot of others can do it too…
    ❤ k-line, thank you, i wasn’t feeling so hot today, so thanks.
    ❤ sal…exactly, i’m converting my logic…

  6. violetville

    I agree with SAL!
    I never invest in basics!
    And then like once a year, I’ll visit Marshalls looking for underwear or something,
    And i’ll be like,
    “Ohhh, basic t-shirts! that’s so interesting!”

  7. Samantha Darko

    You look amazing! So simply elegant. You new hair cut brings out the delicateness of you features. lovely!

  8. Edel

    you look great - love these pieces, can I ask what size you are wearing? Would like to purchase but unsure of what to order…

  9. Post

    ❤freya.. oh wow… she looks lovely. *blush*
    ❤ violteville.. haha i ALWAYS think i need basics, then get sidetracked by something shiny and over the top…
    ❤ CARRIE! i had a feeling this would be up your alley….unfortuneately i wouln’t recommend inhabit for hawaii, unless you looking for a warm tank top.
    ❤edel.. i got this all in a small… it’s really stretchy, but i think i border on a medium… it’s hard to say what size to recommend. they have a size guide to help…

  10. jesspgh

    Inhabit cashmere is worth the investment, it seems. The pieces look fantastic on you and the way you’ve styled them really bring them, in all their perfect basic-ness (excuse that basic-ness isn’t a word), to life!

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  12. ambika

    I’ve never been one to spend much money on basics either. Target does me fine for camis & such. I have to admit the shapes of the garments here are divine. I’d definitely pay more for that. & you look lovely & accessorize them so well.

  13. eyeliah

    The statement pieces I can tend to find secondhand or etsy/ebay for cheap. But good basic tees, tanks, underwear! etc it is so worth it to spend more! I will def check out this store, loks like some good quality pieces.

  14. najeema

    Any nice basics I own were definitely bought on major sale. There’s nothing like a great quality tee against your skin (at a decent price)! I adore your outfit. So creative and lovely!

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  17. Katharine

    Those are lovely. And I do invest in basics, if by “invest” you mean “go a step above yer basic Old Navy items.” Tempting sale, and I really need a wide-strap tank.

    But… they don’t ship to Canada. Of course not.

    Sometimes, the Internet really, really pisses me off. Not your fault of course.

  18. Cafe Fashionista

    I usually spend less on many basic pieces, and purchase a few statement pieces that are a bit more costly.

    Love these looks on you, by the way! :)

  19. MizzJ

    You look so great, I love your style and how you remix items in such an original way - I still haven’t figured out how you can wear a cardigan upside down lol. The items looks super comfy, but sadly I’m in Canada so can’t get my hands on any of these :(

  20. susie_bubble

    The knits look really good layered up…and it goes without saying that the bracelets are pretty cool!

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