Speaking or drapes the whole drapey thing… I just love it. And not just in pixels either… in real life too. After a week of wearing sweats and working madly on ungodly nerdy things like CSS and PHP and a couple of other acronyms I care not to repeat. I’ve decided to get dressed properly, then go back to the CSS business. What a glamourous life, no?

Anyway, today, I decided to pull out a dress from NastyGal circa last summer. I hadn’t known how to incorporate it into my wardrobe completely, but I would often visit my closet to for a ruffley watercolor dress viewing. This morning in my bathrobe, i decided to cut a hole in the seam to allow for my arm and make a one shoulder dress. You cant tell here, but it’s a one shoulder dress… I swear. I just don’t have the arms to prove it.

The cardi, is another upside-down thing, only this one is a long sweater-coat thing so it give a more drapey effect. Perhaps next time I stand by a window, I’ll blend right in.

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