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For those of you who’ve been down the aisle… or at least thought about it… you might have noticed the amount of ugly dresses out there. Puffy, big, over the top or painfully simple. And the magazines. Gah. To tell the truth, I’ve always been dubious of the whole wedding culture thing.. contrary to popular belief I’m not one of the  females born thinking this magic day will make us complete, solve all of our problems as long as we get the perfect princess white dress, I was actually married once… and soon to be a second time (it’s a long/short story, I’ll fill you in soon), and neither times I’ve had any desire to do the traditional wedding thing. I have no desire to do the traditional mom thing either… if any of you are wondering.

While many wedding companies go for the wedding of your dreams/bridezilla crap..some bridal designers are taking a more contemporary approach.

Blushless uses the finest eco-friendly material in not your average bridal designs. Inspired by the film, Wild at Heart the AW09 collection is a combination of naughty, fun and sexy… that way no one will make jokes about wearing white to your own wedding. (Like who are we kidding anyway?)

The designer, Liv Lundelius grew up in an a typical home, daughter of a punk club owner and a bohemian traveler she’s not grown up living the traditional life. After going to fashion school in Berlin she went to work with threeASFOUR in New York, and now she’s back in Berlin integrating avant garde fashion with bridal wear. I really particularly like the sculptural dresses because there is something unexpected about all of them.. mostly I love the airy quality, as seen in the video, the still photos dont’ really do it justice.

BLUSHLESS Fall2009 from Liv Lundelius on Vimeo.

And there’s a Blushless Blog with some darling wedding related posts that make the whole wedding business seem, well cool.

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  1. trishdarling

    Hallelujah… thank you for starting the conversation of putting an end to the era of the bridezilla. I designed custom dresses for 11 years but had to stop because the girls got so awful. Why is it all style goes out the window as soon as the word wedding is mentioned? Anyway I love the post and the dresses in it. Congrats on your pending nuptuals. Can’t wait to here and see the details.

  2. Sal

    OK, first CONGRATS! Can’t wait to hear the long/short story.

    Second, those gowns are magnificent and just the thing for a free-thinking bride. The third one is especially alluring …

    Third, that quote on Liv’s arms is from my FAVORITE song by the Kills. Rock!

  3. dreamsequins

    I did the traditional bride thing- and since that time (about five years ago), my taste has changed, and evolved, shall we say, for the better? :) I would love to be an avant-garde bride today. Wear something daring and different.

  4. Sonja

    Those dresses are great. But I can only imagine my mom’s face if I walked down the aisle in one of those. They are a refreshing change of pace though. I hate the whole fairytale princess look that’s way too prevalent. And I’m stupefied by the number of people who get married at Disneyland. ack. We went our own way for our wedding and dumped most of the traditional stuff. Everyone, including us, loved it – so nice to do something meaningful instead of just what everyone else does. Can’t wait to see what you wear for your nuptials!

  5. Post

    ❤ trish… oh my god.. i can’t believe how this whole bridezilla culture has erupted…like who thought that was a good idea? it’s all very sad.
    ❤ sal… the kills are awesome!
    ❤ dreamsequins…it’s funny how that works huh? sometimes i wish i did the traditional wedding thing, but it really didn’t fit my personality. it’s really just a begining, a day, a celebration, so why not have fun with it?
    ❤ sonja..hahah disneyland???? i can’t believe it. actually, i don’t think i would be able to respect any man who would agree to that. i just couldn’t. your wedding looked like a lot of fun…

    and thanks for all the congrats! xx

  6. SwanDiamondRose

    cool! maybe one day i’ll have the marriage/bride fantasy. heck, i look good in white!

    and me too! i look forward to your story and much congratulations :)

  7. jo

    hello! i just came by and saw these gorgeous dresses! yes these have so much more attitude! i’m not sure if i’ll ever get married, but if i ever do… i’ll have these in mind! also, congratulations! will check back for the happy details!

  8. Post

    ❤ swan.. wearing white is awesome..
    ❤ jo…you’ll probably get married before you know it.. it’s sneaky that way…

  9. alixrose

    Did I say congratulations already, if I didn’t shame on me. Congrats, I love weddings, the celebration of love makes me believe in the world.
    I lvoe this post. I am not close to even getting married but I love looking.
    I def. love the look of Blushless!


  10. tricia campbell

    oooooh…. i love anything anti bride! i am SO, so, so against the princess fairytale crap dresses. when i get married i’m wearing white sneakers with my dress.

    tricia campbell’s last blog post..:::CANADA’S NEXT TOP MODEL | round three

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