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I was particularly proud of this week’s choices of IFB member links. As a vintage lover, I think fashion history is an often over-looked part of the fashion equation. I was thrilled to see so many fellow IFBers agree. Bonne Vie, Miss Glitzy, and Couture Allure are some of the blogs that took a trip to the past of fashion. But what good is history if we can’t learn from it? Several other bloggers explored contemporary fashion in the workplace and as a form of expression. We’ve got some real cerebral reads this week – enjoy!

Links à la Mode : June 4th

Idiosyncratic Style – Infatuation List: Top 5 May flowers
Bonne Vie – The history and technique of the bias cut
Miss Glitzy – The story and photos of creation of the first Chanel bi-color sandals in 1955
The Recessionista™ - Meets Norma Kamali and Previews her Summer Line for Walmart
A Typical Atypical – Shows us how to pack for a holiday
The Coveted - One Hot Unveiling from Benefit
Unfunded – Bullets for peace fashion show
MissRedLips – Swap Your Stuff: Someone’s junk is another person’s treasure
Couture Allure - Big hair from 1965
The Demoiselles – The dangers of creativity infringement
Retro Chick – Bargain hunting essentials
Workchic - Collaborates with Polyvore on what types of T-Shirts are appropriate to wear to the office!
Style Symmetry – An Interview with Beth Jones of The Vintage Society and Quicksilver Women
Dramatis Personae – The Art of Self Love
Hong Kong Fashion Geek – Stripper shoes - classy or trashy? Who can tell anymore?
Threadbared – History and the harem pant
Decline Designs – How to dye your hair crazy colors (and keep it that way)
V is for Olive - a look at the best lingerie shop in San Francisco
Style On the Street – Photographer Isabelle Bonjean
Debutante Clothing – How to market your vintage clothing shop through photography
Independent Fashion Bloggers: How has your blog evolved?

jennineLinks à la Mode : Fashion History

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  1. Fashion Luvr

    Yes, Fashion history is totally overlooked!

    Did you see the Valentino movie and how they were saying the new generation of designers will never really know couture since their teachers didn’t live when couture was really alive?

    I don’t think all is lost, but all of these cali designers making TSHIRTS need to stop calling their designs COUTURE!

    Fashion Luvr’s last blog post..2 Sights Jewelry

  2. Post

    of course sonja!

    fashionluvr… aww yah… i know what you mean, fashion is going through a lot of changes, i’m not even sure what couture means anymore, but yah, i have got to see that movie (it’s hard to get english speaking movies here in germany yikes!)

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