Coveted Fashion Digest • June 9

by jennine on June 9, 2009


For the last few years I’ve been reading up on fashion news, and not all of the little fascinating tidbits really fit as whole posts here on The Coveted… for a while I thought Twitter to fit this quite nicely, and they do… but in case you’re not following me on twitter, I’d give it to you straight right here.

  • Digital Face Lift: I never understood how The Face could have folded, well, according to Fashionologie, it’s coming back… this time online. [Fashionologie]
  • Maybe he got sick of the tan? Versace CEO Giancarlo di Risio resigned… after clashing with Donatella over her lavish expenditures (no way) like $140,000 day rate for photographer Mario Testino among other things, and refusing to lower prices as to not make the label look cheap.. haha, like no one’s ever equated Versace with cheap, I mean trashy, I mean who wears those clothes? Anyway di Risio called it a day.[The Cut]
  • Even Roisin Murphy experienced teenage fashion trauma. Yep, my theory is that it’s inevitable that all fashion icons get put into the ‘what was she thinking?’ column of the paper. [The Guardian]
  • Wet Tee-Shirt Contest Winners… Complex Geometries really worked with bloggers since the beginning, and with thier rising success, they still stick to their guns. They’ve  hired Tommy Ton of Jak & Jil for their new lookbook. Man, I have the square tank… and it doesn’t look even remotely like that on me. I still love it though.
  • Do fashion people prefer bags or babies? Woops I accidentally typed ‘men’ but deleted it and typed back bags… or babies… anyway,  not really news but a fun fashion read. [The Guardian]
  • Chloe Sevigny wants to design more clothes. Again, not really news… I thought she was already doing it, oh yeah, she want’s to do more luxury stuff, along the lines of Hermes, instead of Opening Ceremony. Something tells me she can do it. [The Cut]

  • In the dressing room… If you haven’t heard about Susie Bubble’s run in with Boss Pam Hogg (who demanded she take down pictures of Bubble wearing a Hogg Power Rangers rip-off  catsuit) Counterfeit Chic takes an interesting view point on the acutal legality of Hogg’s request… I didn’t think Hogg had a pork chop to stand on.. [Counterfeit Chic]
  • And one for the road…
  • Manescaping- College Candy gives a few good pointers on trimming your own bangs. Like I really need to get that business done, I can’t see a thing.

top image via Jak & Jil and cat suit image via Style Bubble.

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1 Sweety P June 9, 2009 at 3:19 am

Very Interesting articles. I really enjoyed reading about Roisin Murphy!

Sweety P’s last blog post..Sweety P’s Summer Journal Entry One: H&M Socializing and Edible Clothing


2 Casey June 9, 2009 at 1:44 pm

Love this bunch of links! I’m having a lot of fun looking through them all. Thanks for sharing them!


3 jennine June 10, 2009 at 3:28 am

thanks loves! it was fun putting these things together… as a news junkie, it was kind of something i needed to do…


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