How to Make a Button

‘Buttons… because without it, you know, nothing will close, except by zippers.’

It’s funny how things go in loops, buttony loops. Hooks? Eyes? Over the weekend, I watched Me and  You and Everyone We Know with delight. I can easily call this my new favorite film. As I was watching this, something familiar kept needling me, though  none of the actors were familiar to me, something beyond de ja vu. Then it struck me.

Miranda July. A few years ago, I came across a book I adore, Learning to Love You More by Miranda July and Harrell Fletcher. It’s strange to recognize someone through their art-logic rather than a voice or a face.  I always loved  her assignments (make an encouraging banner, take a picture of two strangers holding hands), and wished I wasn’t so lazy and participated. However, it’s not often we see great films and art  by someone who specializes in just films or art (for arguments sake they’re two separate things in this post), both mediums July truly inspires me to create something, or at least believe in something magical in this world.

Even if it is to strike one second poses….

(top image from Things We Don’t Understand and Are Definitely Not Going To Talk About)

jennineHow to Make a Button

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  1. Fenke

    i loooove miranda july! the website for her book “noone belongs here more than you” is soo wonderful, you will like it aswell!

    Fenke’s last blog post..Fashionable Cupcakes

  2. Jeanie Kwak

    My two favorite things! Miranda July and Blonde Redhead! LOVE!

    Jeanie Kwak’s last blog post..

  3. ...love Maegan

    um she’s hilarious.

    …love Maegan’s last blog post..Completely Gratuitous Outfit Post

  4. Post

    ❤ thanks fenke! i really want that book.. the website is brilliant!
    ❤jeannie.. i had heard of blonde redhead, but until now, not heard any of the songs… great song, and vid huh?
    ❤maegan, i know, i love her california sense of humor. it’s great.

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