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Three Marvelous, Multitasking Skin Brighteners for Spotty Skin

I get excited when I come across skin brightening products. One reason is because I’m noticing pigmentation “issues” as I get older, like a lot more freckles. I know freckles can be charming and all; but I’m getting into age spot/sun damage territory. I upped the contrast in this pic to show just how spotty I’m getting – sort of like one of those scary sun-damage-revealing UV photos. I’ve also got scars from acne that has long since gone. I know I can’t wipe the slate clean, which is fine. But I like being able to tone things down and prevent further damage. Today I’m sharing three products I’m loving. Along with brightening skin, they’re excellent multitaskers that do all sorts of other great stuff to help improve the complexion. These are bigtime multitaskers that give a lot of bang for the buck.

Airbrushed Perfect

A few days ago on twitter I reminisced the days of puffy paint shirts. AsheMischeief brought back memories amongst puffy paints were airbrushed t-shirts. So early 90’s… or street style. Honestly, I never had a puffy paint shirt or airbrushed anything… but these days, along with tie dye, I’m also craving the airbrushed look.
German/Austrian design [...]

Coveted Fashion Digest : Blogger Mannequins, Important Eyebrows and Affordable Shoes

Shop Talk: You know sustainability is making it’s way into the mainstream when the top 10 organic cotton buyers include H&M, Zara, Nike and Walmart (guess which order, as they are all in the top 5). And since H&M is slowly…

Everything is Beautiful Like a Rainbow

Everything is beautiful. Especially if you’re in this cartoon sci fi meets reality mindset. I thought I was over with all things nu-rave, but elements keep coming back to me like a caffeine addiction. I love all the drippy black peeps have got going on now, but I miss splashes of color, bright colors. Ruffle [...]

Inspired Lashes

I had such a fun time the other evening. I attended a delightful shu uemura cocktail party at their San Francisco boutique. It was a birthday celebration of the first shu uemura boutique that opened in Tokyo 26 years ago. The event featured the new Lashes in Nature Collection. shu uemura comes out with the most amazing false lashes. They take lashes to the next level and then some, with such brilliant creativity and stunning drama.

Shoe d’jour : Kron by KronKron

It’s been a while since I’ve gotten into my Shoe d’jour posts… one of those blog segments that I miss, but they’ve a bit stressy… it doesn’t mean that I don’t spend hours and hours daydreaming about the shoes I see online. When I came across Kron by KronKron on Neverendingstory I just about flipped [...]

Splish Splash

Break out the tubs of Wavy Gravy, here we are in week two of tie dye splendor. Last week I got a package from Welovecolors.com and luckily the weather here has been less than perfect summer like. It really isn’t warm enough to go without tights, or trousers. Really.
One of the benefits of having a [...]

Proper Protection from the Summer Sun: Part Deux

I’m pretty good about protecting the skin on my face with sunscreen, sunglasses, and hats, but not so great about protecting the rest of me. I’m sure it has a lot to do with the hit-or-miss climate here in San Francisco. It might be overcast when I leave the house only to be gorgeous by the time I’m out and remembering that I should’ve put on sunscreen. Another reason is that I don’t like most sunscreens for the body. So many feel heavy and thick, and have that nasty sunscreen smell so I occasionally get a sunburn even if I’ve only been in the sun for a couple hours (something I wrote about recently in my skin soother post).

And the winners are….

Thank you to everyone who entered in our recent giveaways! This has been a lot of fun… my favorite part is telling someone they’ve won! We have two giveaways where we need to announce who won… the Rice & Beans Giveaway and the Whole Foods Beauty Giveaway.
The winner of the Rice & Beans $50 gift [...]

Uses for Paper Clips

Paper clips have a lot of uses… they really do. I’ve used them in a lot of different ways over the course of my life and it wasn’t until I happened upon Lauren Manoogian’s paperclip necklaces on the Reference Library had I really thought of paperclips that could actually be worn in some [...]


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