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Links a la Mode : Fashion Potluck

Fashion Potluck
Edited by Dramtis Personae

This week’s Links á la Mode it a fashion potluck, a hodge podge of politics in fashion, interviews with fabulous designers, bloggers, and photographers, flashbacks in to our fashion past, and great shops and designers to check out. I couldn’t make rhyme or theme of the collection, so just sit back [...]

Father’s Day Gift Guide

I love my dad dearly. I’m lucky to have him (yes, that’s him and me in these photos). He’s a kind, generous, funny man who loves to play guitar (and collect them – he never met a yard sale he didn’t like) and never passes up the opportunity to tell a corny joke (apparently, he passed this characteristic on to me – much to my sister’s chagrin). He taught me so many things – from how to ride a bike to how to program computers (yes, we’re a nerdy bunch). He’s always been there for me and helped guide me – even through those rebellious teen years.

Coveted Fashion Digest : Fabulous Nobodies

This week’s fashion digest delves into fashion insanity, WalMart jeans, crocodile dinners and creepy photographers… oh… the photo above, I just put it in because I love balloons worn like regular clothing.

Last Day to Win at Rice & Beans Vintage

Click on the image above for your chance to win $50 at Rice & Beans Vintage!
We pick the winner tomorrow night, so you have 24 hours to enter.
Update about the Whole Foods Beauty Giveaway… we have a winner which we’ll announce on Friday as well…
Good luck!

Summer Stockings

Summers don’t always have perfect weather. Making it impossible to really relish in skimpy summer fashion. The past few days have had sporadic bursts of torrential downpour and lightning… hence the indoor shots. On Friday, I received a lovely package fro welovecolors.com with three  pairs of tights. I already had quite a few pairs of [...]

An Interview with Trish McEvoy and a Makeup Lesson

Trish McEvoy changed my life. Seriously. She is an incredibly successful makeup artist who revolutionized the makeup world with her innovative, impeccable makeup brushes, her unique organizing system, and her amazing, education-oriented line of makeup and skin care. Her line changed the way I approach makeup and beauty. At her counters I learned lots of insider tips and techniques, discovered makeup and tools of exceptional quality, and got incredibly organized.

Tye Died

Never in a million years did I ever think I’d wear tie dye anything, ever. Well, never say never. A few weeks ago, I posted about Black Market Baby pondering about the state of Canadian fashion, and well, I just found Audrey Cantwell’s etsy shop to be irresistible. A few clicks later, and here I [...]

Proper Protection from the Summer Sun

Even though I know more than I used to. I recently found that I had a lot to learn about protecting my skin from the damaging rays of the sun. I’m well beyond those years when I thought very little of sunscreens, those years when people basted themselves in baby oil and fried their skin to get that coveted, golden suntan. How times have changed.

How to Make a Button

‘Buttons… because without it, you know, nothing will close, except by zippers.’
It’s funny how things go in loops, buttony loops. Hooks? Eyes? Over the weekend, I watched Me and  You and Everyone We Know with delight. I can easily call this my new favorite film. As I was watching this, something familiar kept needling me, [...]

Links à la Mode: Free Bird

Happiness is being a free bird…
Well, here we are in the midst of summer, this year you can’t click twice without hitting a blog giveaway, as we’ve got great giveaways on Bobbins and Bombshells, Style Symmetry, Fashion Hippo and The Coveted, and if that’s not enough, IFB has a couple of great links to more [...]


Designer Fashion in London

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