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Rotary Club Slasher

Obtain a rotary cutter with caution. Once you get one, cutting up tee shirts become all too easy, as any old tee, long skirt, sleeve, piece of fabric becomes a candidate to be cut… roll happy. Like every Anyway, if you plan to deconstruct your tees this summer, a rotary cutter is a handy tool, [...]

Stolen Girlfriends Club

So, if you’re in the stolen girlfriends club does that mean you’re the girlfriend who’s been ’stolen?’ New Zealand label Stolen Girlfriends Club has just come out with a new collection, reportedly more sophisticated than their previous collections (I don’t see it) as self-described ’sexual sportswear’

Coveted Fashion Digest • June 9

For the last few years I’ve been reading up on fashion news, and not all of the little fascinating tidbits really fit as whole posts here on The Coveted… for a while I thought Twitter to fit this quite nicely, and they do… but in case you’re not following me on twitter, I’d give it [...]

Blazing Florals

Last year I dug this blazer out of a pile of clothes on a flea market trip with Jessica of Shiny Squirrel. It’s been in my closet, and I’ve worn it from time to time, but I don’t think I’ve shown it to you. My husband says it looks like an early 90’s cleaning ladies [...]

Fake It, Don’t Bake It with My Favorite Bronzers

Oh, how I love a good bronzer. I’m pretty fair so I love the way a good bronzer warms up my complexion and gives me that healthy, sunkissed look without needing to bake (and damage my skin) in the sun. Powder bronzers are super easy to use. A few sweeps of powder here and there and you’re good to go.

C is for Cookie… A is for Anti-Aging Cookie? and Anti-Aging Cocktails?

What would Cookie Monster think of cookies with antioxidants? Would they make his fur more lustrous and a more vibrant blue? Will they make me look more youthful and protect my skin from ravaging free radicals? Perhaps I need to eat a couple dozen to find out. The curious new cookies

Links à la Mode : Fashion History

Edited by Debutante Clothing

I was particularly proud of this week’s choices of IFB member links. As a vintage lover, I think fashion history is an often over-looked part of the fashion equation. I was thrilled to see so many fellow IFBers agree. Bonne Vie, Miss Glitzy, and Couture Allure are some of the blogs that [...]

Rice & Beans Vintage $50 Giveaway

Happy Wednesday loves! We’re so pleased to announce a fantastic giveaway for all of you vintage and secondhand lovers. Rice & Beans Vintage is giving away a $50 gift card to the lucky winner of this contest. What do you have to do? Just leave a comment in this post with a link to [...]

Multi-Tasking Skin Soothers

Here in San Francisco and around the Bay Area, the weather can be hit or miss. One day can be amazingly gorgeous, warm, and sunny… the next can be totally overcast and chilly or simply socked in with fog and chilly. And, of course, there are those days when we get a bit of both. As we transition into sunnier, more summery weather, I’ve found myself sunburned a couple times, because I just haven’t been in a don’t-forget-the-sunscreen frame of mind.

Sun Blessed

Sunglasses are a funny thing. Every year I go through a thing where I want a special pair, and more or less they go along the same lines… brown. Maybe I go for them so they can match my hair and eyes… the camouflage strategy, yep that always works.
I’ve been ogling these Bless sunglasses [...]


Designer Fashion in London

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