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A Colorful Smoky Eye with The Body Shop Summer Brights

The Body Shop Hot Brights - Summer 09

The Body Shop’s summer colors are not for wallflowers. They’ve busted out the pigment and gotten bold with their Hot Brights 2009 Make-up collection. The focus is on the eyes with shades of blue and purple – very peacockesque when worn together. I’ve been playing with the colors and love using them to create a colorful smoky eye – traditionally done with neutral colors.

The Collection

The Body Shop Hot Brights - Summer 09The collection includes two Hot Brights Eye Color duos ($17 each), which are silky powder shadows with lots of pigment so you can easily get good color intensity. But you can also go more subtle by dusting on a sheer layer. Violet Sunset includes a purple with a shimmery pink. Pearly Sky includes an ocean blue with a buttery, golden cream.

For cheeks, there are two subtly shimmering Hot Brights Blushes ($24 each) in pink and bronze shades (Bronze Horizon is shown in the top photo). They each include a darker shade to use as blush and a lighter shade that can be used as a highlighter. The eye shadows and blushes are  made with Community Trade marula oil and brazil nut oil.

There are also two dual-ended Hot Brights Eye Liners ($13 each). One end has a darker shade while the other has a lighter shade with pretty flecks of glitter. I like to apply the darker shade first and then layer the lighter, glittery shade on top. These come in Purple Haze (in the photo) and Sapphire Sea (which includes two turquoise blues). They’re made with Community Trade marula oil and beeswax.

Last but not least, there are two Hot Brights Lip Shine & Cheek Stains ($18 each) in pink and bronze shades (Coral Sand is shown in the photo). The stain is very sheer and can be used on both lips and cheeks to provide long-lasting color. Ingredients include vitamin E, Community Trade marula oil, and aloe vera.

I love the compacts, which are embellished with a floral design and look like they’re made with handmade paper. I also love that The Body Shop gets natural ingredients from disadvantaged communities throughout the world through its Community Trade program and the company works to protect the planet by seeking renewable resources, sustainable raw ingredients, and better ways of protecting rainforests. The Body Shop also never tests on animals.

The Look

The Body Shop Hot Brights Eye MakeupFor this look, I used the blue in the Pearly Sky Eye Color duo on the inner two-thirds of my lid. I used the purple in the Violet Sunset duo on the outer corners and along the crease. Above the crease, I used the buttery shade in the Pearly Sky duo. I used a black liner along my lid and then smudged it with the purple shadow. I lined the bottom with the dark purple from the Purple Haze Eye Liner and layered the lighter, glittery purple on top. I smudged the liners with the purple shadow. I also used black liner in the waterline (along the inner rim of the eye on the bottom).

To keep the focus on the eyes, I stuck to more neutral hues on my cheeks and lips. I used the Coral Sand Stain on my cheeks followed by the Bronze Horizon Blush. I also used the stain on my lips and topped it with the Coral Sand Lip Shine.

More for Summer

The Body Shop also created a new sultry fragrance collection for summer – the limited edition White Musk White Hot Summer, which is a special edition of their popular White Musk fragrance. To learn more about that, check out my review. There are also some wonderful summer essentials – a refreshing, peppermint foot spray that revives tired feet and a yummy, wild cherry body scrub that makes skin so smooth and soft. I’ve reviewed those here. The Body Shop is also having lots of different specials right now, including 30% off summer makeup and 75% off gift sets.

Do Tell

What do you think of the new colors from The Body Shop? Do you ever wear bold colors on the eyes? Have you tried using color when doing a smoky eye? Do tell.

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14 comments for “A Colorful Smoky Eye with The Body Shop Summer Brights”

  1. I’m far too timid for this look, but LOVE it on you, lady!
    Sal´s last blog ..Suggestion Box My ComLuv Profile

    Posted by Sal | July 10, 2009, 8:09 am
  2. Oh wow, these looks are gorgeous! I think I might try this for myself. :] Thank you!
    Ev`Yan || apricot tea.´s last blog ..nude. My ComLuv Profile

    Posted by Ev`Yan || apricot tea. | July 10, 2009, 8:45 am
  3. It took me a while to realize that the flowers are a print on the package and not part of the powder hihi Anyhow i love this colourfull smokey eyes look! The blue is gorgeous and suits you pretty!

    Posted by Amika | July 10, 2009, 10:01 am
  4. The smokey eye looks gorgeous on you!!
    maria´s last blog ..What I Divulged Today: 07.10.09- Honest Scrap My ComLuv Profile

    Posted by maria | July 10, 2009, 10:09 am
  5. ❤ Sal, I thought of you when I was playing with these colors and how you’d never wear them but how fun it would be to glam you up like this. I rarely do colorful eyes but it was fun to step outside my box and mix things up. It has a similar effect as trying a new hairstyle.

    ❤ Ev’Yan, the colors are very fun to play with!

    ❤ Amika, that’s exactly what I thought when I got them. I was so excited to see such a cool way to lay out the color in the pan. I hope they do something like that in the future. So glad you like the look. It was a lot of fun to try.

    ❤ maria, thank you!

    Posted by Sonja | July 10, 2009, 10:36 am
  6. I love colourful eyeshadow…I’m going to be wearing a bright azure blue hue tonight when I go dancing actually. The suggestion of doing a colourful smoky eye is a good one; I’ll have to play around with it!
    lisa´s last blog ..Solo Lisa Reads: Good Enough by Paula Yoo My ComLuv Profile

    Posted by lisa | July 10, 2009, 11:31 am
  7. That blue looks stunning on you. Did you use a brush to apply?

    I had no idea the Body Shop gets their ingredients from disadvantaged communities throughout the world. That’s pretty cool.
    Trendspotter´s last blog ..Style on Trial, Case#21 My ComLuv Profile

    Posted by Trendspotter | July 10, 2009, 1:12 pm
  8. ❤ lisa, that color sounds lovely. The smoky eye took a bit of experimenting, which was fun. Eventually I found a combo that worked nicely. I also like to do it with a single color and keep the rest of the shadows neutral. Have fun!
    ❤ Trendspotter, thank you! I did use various brushes. I forgot to mention that patting on the color instead of sweeping it on gives more color intensity. I knew Body Shop did some fair trade stuff but only recently learned the details. Very cool!

    Posted by Sonja | July 10, 2009, 1:29 pm
  9. Beautiful!!! I once tried a smoky eye with purple, but it didn’t look anything like this. Maybe I’ll go lighter next time. =D
    Alicia´s last blog ..Pants of Insanity//Stuff to Do My ComLuv Profile

    Posted by Alicia | July 10, 2009, 8:52 pm
  10. Wow! I love that collection of eyeshadow and eyeliners. The models eye is very beautiful after putting those eye make up.
    Patrice´s last blog ..Beautiful Skin Begins with Understanding My ComLuv Profile

    Posted by Patrice | July 10, 2009, 8:56 pm
  11. ❤ Patrice, it’s a wonderful collection! So glad you like how I did the makeup. It was a lot of fun to play with.

    Posted by Sonja | July 11, 2009, 6:49 pm
  12. ❤ Alicia, thank you! If you do two colors, definitely pick one to focus on and then use the second color as a supporting player. I like that a more muted purple sort of looks like a colorful version of brown – if that makes any sense. :)

    Posted by Sonja | July 11, 2009, 7:26 pm
  13. I love that blue on you! I’m not so savvy with makeup (mascara is my limit to play it safe), but I’m going to try to experiment with color again. :)
    Carla´s last blog ..The Winner is… My ComLuv Profile

    Posted by Carla | July 12, 2009, 12:19 am
  14. ❤ Carla, thanks! Have fun experimenting! Let us know how it goes. :)
    Sonja´s last blog ..The Art and Soul of Seelenkleid My ComLuv Profile

    Posted by Sonja | July 12, 2009, 12:18 pm

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