Links à la Mode : Our Differences Unite Us

by jennine on October 29, 2009

links a la mode

Our Differences Unite Us

Edited by Fashion Pulse Daily

Coming off of Ashe Mischief’s Independent Fashion Blogger’s Post (Good Cop/Bad Cop: Participating in Links a la Mode), you all brought your A-game in posting the links a la mode — which made it extra hard to edit! This week, the theme that I saw emerging throughout the posts is one of celebrating our unique diversity; each site has a different take and approach to fashion, art, beauty, media, lifestyle, music - you name it! From the dry shampoo trials at Dramatis Personae to Le Petite Cecile‘s observations regarding the bleached eyebrow trend, you all brought a new perspective to each topic at hand, a sign that indicates how wonderful and creative the blogosphere truly is. Get even more excited for Halloween with cmykaboom and Idiosyncratic Style costume suggestions that are sure to make you smile, along with DenimDebutante‘s discovery of the “zipholder”. All in all, one things’ for certain: we’ve got an amazing community of bloggers!

As expected, there was a fabulous round-up of links in the forum as well, all worthy of your eyeballs!

Links à la Mode : October 29th

  • Clutch 22 -A Blogger’s Fairytale - The Making of Seattle Indie Designer Jesica Milton’s “Jordie” Dress
  • cmykaboom -Halloween Hauteness: Top Ten Halloween Costume Ideas
  • Dramatis Personae - The Dry Shampoo Trials (Part 1)
  • DenimDebutante - The Zipholder
  • Fashion Pulse Daily -Favorite New Eco-Find: the Cool Indie Designer Eco Duds at Green is Black
  • ferOHHHsh - To Ugg or not to Ugg?
  • girl friday -A Guide to Styling & Buying Scarves.
  • Idiosyncratic Style - Stylish Last Minute Halloween Ideas
  • Independent Fashion Bloggers - Good Cop/Bad Cop: Participating in Links a la Mode
  • Le Petite Cecile - To Bleach or not to Bleach, That’s the Question.
  • Lillys Garden - Dirndlpunk ROCKS
  • Mama Fashionista — So What if I’m a (Perfume) Slut?
  • Prom Mafia -Warning:This Image has been Photoshopped: Should a Disclaimer be Used on Photoshopped Models?
  • Oranges & Apples -Flats or High Heels? Investigating Shoes that are Both Comfortable and Stylish
  • Queen Gilda: Thesis Collection: Sketching, Fabric Choices, and Final Edits
  • Retro Chick -Style Snapshot - 10 Questions with Eyeliah of Style Symmetry
  • The COVETED -Learning More About Vintage from The Little Guide to Vintage Shopping
  • The Demoiselles - Pay Homage to the Classic Graphic T-Shirt
  • Think Thru Fashion - Behind the Scenes at a MAC Halloween Photo Shoot
  • Vue Society - RTW + Alterations vs. Custom Made
  • Workchic - Shoe Smitten Shows Workchic Readers the Best Tall Boots for Those with Hard to Fit Calves
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