Wendy Brandes, Queen of Hearts

When I first met Wendy Brandes, back in 2007, she had contacted me as a jewelry designer from New York who was coming to San Francisco (where I then lived) and she wanted to take me out to dinner. She didn’t have a blog then, well she started one days before the dinner… and I had no idea what to expect.

While I could go on about how amazing dinner was and how delightful her and Mr. B are… since we’ve become good friends over the years, it’s suffice to say that it did go well. One of the the details that stuck out in my mind at the dinner was this silver heart ring that she let me try on, and on a visit a year later, the ring again really spoke to me. The Diana Ring, inspired by Princes Diana, who was a great humanitarian, and who did so much work for AIDS patients, as well as being incredibly beautiful and stylish. The thing that stuck out in my mind about the ring was how it fit, how it felt… lush, would have to be the word, though it’s not a word you would use to describe metal, that’s how it feels.

Two years later, I finally bought the ring. It never left my mind how nice the ring feels, and also, because Wendy is such a great person and wonderful friend, it adds personal meaning to this lovely heart.

Here I’m wearing the ring with my chunky 80′s structured sweater, Market Publique cuff, husband’s American Apparel tee, vintage Wrangler cut off jeans, tights, and my studded Aldo Boots.


Oh! There is a fantastic interview with the lovely Wendy Brandes on 39th and Broadway.

jennineWendy Brandes, Queen of Hearts

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  1. Princess Poochie

    I think lush is the perfect word for her pieces. And it looks lovely on you.
    .-= Princess Poochie´s last blog ..Asheville Weekend Outfit at French Broad Chocolate Lounge =-.

  2. Liv Lundelius

    oh there it is again!
    so in love with this piece!

    btw : very nice nailpolish
    .-= Liv Lundelius´s last blog ..men should look like, well, men ! =-.

  3. Andrea

    That ring is beautiful! She makes such gorgeous jewelry. Love the nail polish as well…
    .-= Andrea´s last blog ..Accessories Report: Metal & Leather Cuff Bracelets =-.

  4. Nickie Frye

    Wow, I’ve never seen her jewelry before so I went & checked out her website. WOW! First of all, I love this Acorn Necklace: http://www.wendybrandes.com/pro-detail.php?colid=29&collect=true&id=421 I make jewelry myself & I can really appreciate the work that goes into these types of pieces.

    Love the sweater. I was at H&M this weekend (for the first time ever, can you believe it??) & they had a lot of these long cardigan sweaters. Even though I try to stick to more vintage pieces, I confess that I bought a long cardigan sweater vest. Oops! Couldn’t help myself. heehee.
    .-= Nickie Frye´s last blog ..Vintage High Waisted Jeans =-.

  5. Sally

    I generally find hearts a bit twee, but also adore that chunk of a ring from Wendy’s collection. So beautiful and sculptural.
    .-= Sally´s last blog ..Just Deserts =-.

  6. Sheena

    That really is a lovely ring. Very stylish and classic, it’s quite simple yet elegant. I think that can be said for all of Wendy B’s jewelry.
    .-= Sheena´s last blog ..Kreativ Blogger Award =-.

  7. Tami

    Love the ring, but I think you look so good with a darker lip color! :)
    .-= Tami´s last blog ..Armani 2009 Holiday Crystal Collection =-.

  8. Post

    wow, thank you! i’m glad all of you like the ring too! it’s my new favorite!
    ❤ nickie…oh the acorn necklace is amazing…and i also like the inspriation behind it. they have these sweaters at H&M? What! I’ll have to take a look down there, the last time i went, it seemed kind of bland…
    ❤ sally…hearts can go cutesy really fast, i have a friend who hates hearts, it’s funny to see her go on tangents with them, particularly when in san francisco, we had this heart project around the city there were all these heart sculptures to commemorate leaving your hearts in san fran.
    ❤ tami…darker lip color seems to make sense lately…
    ❤ maria, thanks! it’s nice to finally have a direction with the mop.

  9. hanako66

    I love this outfit, your lovely new ring, and Wendy! That hair style is so becoming on you, I just love it:)
    .-= hanako66´s last blog ..birds of a feather =-.

  10. WendyB

    I’m so glad it fits. Love these photos. Thanks for being a gorgeous client!
    .-= WendyB´s last blog ..Jewel of the Month: The Hen in the Egg =-.

  11. Kristin

    That is one of my very fav Wendy B pieces. Such a substantial, yet feminine ring! It looks fabulous on you of course. : )
    .-= Kristin´s last blog ..It’s Party Dress Season Ladies! =-.

  12. grechen

    oh jennine, that is beautiful!!! someday i hope to be able to buy myself the cleves ring - in gold :) wendy makes the most exquisite jewelry, it’s just my style, and i love that you have a wonderful story behind yours.

  13. 39th & Broadway

    Love the ring and what a wonderful story on your first meeting. Such a lovely example of what a generous person Wendy is. Thanks for the link as well, Wendy really gave a great interview.
    .-= 39th & Broadway´s last blog ..Wendy B Tells All! =-.

  14. Post

    ❤wendy..funny it fits perfectly on my middle finger… i don’t know why we didn’t try that before?
    ❤krisin…it’s one of my favorites too…now to start obessing on the next piece.
    ❤grechen, the cleves ring is amazing!
    ❤39th…she is, isn’t she?

  15. eyeliah

    that ring is amazing, I am a huge fan of her jewelry… one day :-)
    .-= eyeliah´s last blog ..Laura =-.

  16. Clare

    I’ve definitely ogled that ring, too. Lush is the perfect word for it.
    .-= Clare´s last blog ..I Know A Place Where We Can Go =-.

  17. Post

    ❤alice, thanks!
    ❤eyeliah… one day, it only took me a few years…
    ❤clare… it really is!
    ❤enc, thanks love! my hands seem to like it!

  18. alixrose

    J - I love this picture of you. Also I love that you chose this piece too, its at the top of my someday list too. Wendy has an amazing collection, I can imagine it was hard to actually chose,but sometimes a piece just speaks to you right.Lovely!
    .-= alixrose´s last blog ..BE INSPIRED: IT’S ALL IN THE SHOULDERS BABY! =-.

  19. Cammila

    That really is a gorgeous ring, and honestly, you dressed around it just perfectly. It conveys serious volume and weight, but still seems very soft and feminine — and that’s totally echoed in your outfit, especially your sweater.
    .-= Cammila´s last blog ..He saw horses, horses, horses… =-.

  20. wekilledCOUTURE.

    Wendy is a jewelry goddess… her rings are so breathtaking.
    im in love with the Marie Antoinette ring.

    not sure if i like those tights with those shorts
    but you look cute regardless.


  21. Alicia

    YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSS!!! I love that ring. And I know what you mean when you describe how it feels. Congrats!!
    .-= Alicia´s last blog ..In The Streets 002: Empire State of Mind =-.

  22. Sharon Laufer

    I know the article wasnt on this but I really love the nail polish you are wearing. What color is? Thanks a bunch.

  23. Danielle

    What a beautiful ring! and so fun how a friendship can start out of blogging and a love of pretty things :)

  24. Post

    ❤alixrose..i guess great minds think alike!
    ❤camilla…oh thanks, it does have volume, and it is feminine
    ❤alicia, so glad you get it
    ❤sharon, ooh it’s sally hansen limelight 25
    ❤daneille… one of the many things that comes out of blogging i guess!

  25. kirsty

    ooooooh i want that ring x
    .-= kirsty´s last blog ..If You Need A Dress Cause Your Going Out……Who Ya Gonna Call? ASOS of Course =-.

  26. dora

    i absolutely adore the boots. where did you get the tights? i’ve been looking for a pair of opaque charcoal grey tights everywhere but still haven’t found any of good quality… they would add a nice touch to my collection of coloured tights.
    .-= dora´s last blog ..what to wear? =-.

  27. Kristen

    Awesome ring and I really like the mix of a cozy sweater with cutoffs and tights.
    Looks really great, but more importantly, it looks comfortable.
    .-= Kristen´s last blog ..Links A La Mode =-.

  28. Ebay Fashion Addict

    the photo captured how beautiful and warm the ring really is!
    .-= Ebay Fashion Addict´s last blog ..The Watchlist: Standing Out =-.

  29. Rachel

    You were wearing that ring when we met at the Kenneth Cole event in Chicago! I was going to ask you where you got it but now I can put my wonder to rest - it’s so gorgeous but so simple - fantastic statement!

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