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by jennine on January 6, 2010

  • Lady Gaga Fashion: Pop’s new diva has rocked everything from head-to-toe lace bodysuits, hot-off-the-runway looks, and feather headdresses—vote on your favorite extreme fashion look here.
  • Best Hair and Makeup: 21 Must-Try Looks. From the red carpet to the runway, these trends have ELLE’s beauty department hooked.
  • Skin Care: Best Eye Cream Ingredients. Erase fine lines around your eyes with these moisturizer must-haves
  • Chic Winter Coats: The season’s coolest coats come in a variety of bold prints and striking silhouettes—from Jason Wu’s rose-covered evening coat to Marc by Marc Jacobs’ leopard trench.
  • Daily Love Horoscopes for 2010

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