Bow & Beau

by jennine on April 6, 2010

The ‘partner look’ has always kind of scared me a little. You know, the Beckhams had their matchy-matchy days, celebrity couples do it all the time. It’s weird. However, subliminally couples do tend to dress alike on a day to day basis, through color schemes, themes, even if it’s not so obvious. This morning, Rocky and I walked into the living room (I get dressed in my walk-in closet, he in the bedroom) both wearing black. Thank god we weren’t going anywhere together this morning, else I would have made him wear something different… he eventually did anyway.

On Easter, we met some friends for a late lunch, and this time we actually coordinated with each other to have a little ‘Easter-y’ vibe to our attire, and ended up both wearing polka-dot bows. Rocky is now warming up to bow-ties which I absolutely adore, and think more men should be wearing bow-ties on a regular basis. I wore my new favorite yellow polka-dot dress. Strangely, it fun to dress up together, we did it in a tasteful manner (I think), not wearing the same colors, not wearing matching outfits, but wearing complimentary colors in a consistent theme. Kind of like saying in a more obvious way, ‘We’re a family’.

So, do you ever coordinate your attire with your partner?

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1 Matt Fox April 11, 2010 at 3:44 pm

Love it! You know we do!


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