Vintage Dresses: A Return to The Classics

by jennine on April 16, 2010

60's salmon dress

The longing started a while back… I can’t tell when it happened, but it did. All the experimental clothing that’s been taking over fashion has been so delightful to watch, and dabble in, I loved experimenting with my clothes, turning things upside down, wrapping, draping, pushing comfort to the next level. But then it happened. I missed simplicity, I missed formality.

Back in February, I visited this vintage shop Alan & Suzi on the Upper West side in New York City, and tried on a ton of dresses and walked out with this beautiful silk chiffon 50′s dress that fit so unbelievably well, it might had been made just for me. That set it off. The day I wore it, I said over and over, I have to get more dresses like these, I have to get more dresses that fit. That really, really fit. And I’ve looked around, tried on many dresses, but for some reason modern dresses haven’t been fitting me like the ones from the mid 20th century, either that or I’ve been watching too much Mad Men, or I’ve just had an extreme amount of luck.

This is the newest dress to my ‘new vintage’ collection. I had done some work for Violetville Vintage (not related to The Coveted) and since I just love her shop so much we agreed to do an exchange. I picked out two dresses, and worried that they would be too small. The measurements were right, but I felt I couldn’t be that small, because all the modern clothes I’ve been wearing lately made me look huge. But wouldn’t you know it…the dresses fit like a glove. Perfectly. This coral wool dress has got to be one of the most perfect dresses I’ve ever come across in my life. Honestly, I have to say..and can confirm this with my friend who was there when I opened the package…the vintage sold in Violetville is perfect, like, unbelievably so. I’ve seen vintage at these prices before with about half the quality, and I’ve bought from Violetville before, and every time it surprises me the level of quality. It’s unreal.

Anyway, the thing I’ve noticed about vintage dresses is that they fit in a way that encourages things like good posture, to walk with grace, and also not to gorge on chips n’ salsa. The comfort is truly there, but it’s amazing how different the fit encourages good behavior, as opposed to say… leggings and cotton jersey tunic with a chunky sweater. <-That’s just asking for slumping at the computer!

Anyway, this is my new favorite dress…this and the yellow polka dot one. Where I was lagging in inspiration, I think I’ve found it again, not in something new, but in something needing to be reborn.

Oh! Separately, but not really… I didn’t see the Marc Jacobs show because I was working that day, but going back and watching the video on last night, it was interesting to see how they were talking about a return to the classics, the sentiment really resonated.

Do you think fashion classics will make their return?

Dress: Violetville Vintage • Handbag : Mascara Vintage • Shoes : Mia • Flower: H&M • Glasses: Cynthia Rowley

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Prêt à Porter P April 23, 2010 at 6:13 pm

You look fabulous in that dress! As far as the classics go, I don’t think they ever left.

Jean V. Pratt April 26, 2010 at 2:38 pm

This is a serious Jackie O moment. WOW! I love this look on you. The nude shoes are perfect, they extend the leg & it becomes all about the dress. The shades take it to the next level.
.-= Jean V. Pratt´s last blog ..turns out, i’m a copycat =-.

Cattie May 1, 2010 at 11:49 am

You look stunning! I have only been lucky enough to find one of these superbly cut 50s dresses, but I am always looking for more. I like your simple accessories, I think with modern fashions it could be tempting to over-accessorise but you’ve nailed it!

Throckmorton Jones June 12, 2010 at 3:17 am

Very Jackie O! Its gorgeous on you. I can only hope classic fashions will come back in. There was some lovely looks from the 40′s and 50′s, as well as some previous to that. Never did care for the 20′s though, and I think Coco Channel made women’s fashion too unisex.
.-= Throckmorton Jones´s last blog ..Some Pictures. =-.

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