RGB Polish Saved My Nails

I love nail polish, but I can’t wear it all the time, polish dries out my nails and makes them split. Last year, I had a two month stint wearing polish changing the colors all the time, and well, spent three months growing my nails back. So nowadays I’m really picky about when to paint my nails.

Yesterday, I arrived at my friend Christina from Style Bite‘s lovely home in Los Angeles, and she showed me this new line of nail polish, RGB. Immediately I was drawn to the minimal packaging and the perfect colors I would want to wear if I didn’t have that nail splitting problem. RGB is free of nasty chemicals like formaldehyde, toluene, and DPD. What’s more the colors are made to go with your wardrobe, which at first I thought, ‘hey that’s not true.’ as I was wearing this taupe tee shirt and had my taupe bag on my shoulder. So I caved, and as much as I love taupe clothes, I love taupe nails (RGB - Toast) just as much.
So here’s to special occasions!

jennineRGB Polish Saved My Nails