How to Solve the Muffin Top Dilemma


I have a chronic denim dilemma… muffin top! Every time I wear jeans, it always boils down to a choice between muffin top or saggy bottom. What is that? Sucky. That’s what it is.

As you know I’m working on another blog called, eat, sleep, denim. Where, I did a review on this product called, Adjust-a-Button…which is pretty much how it sounds, a quick and sturdy button that can be adds or subtracts up to an inch to the waistband in seconds, it loosens the waist to reduce the toppage.

So I’m going to share the with you here too, because well, just because you might find it handy!

Disclosure: I received Adjust-a-Button free for reviewing purposes.

Just wondering…how do other people deal with this issue of muffin topness? Is this why the boyfriend jean came to being? Dresses? Wide-legged trousers? High waists? Ah, man….

jennineHow to Solve the Muffin Top Dilemma

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  1. Fia

    Ah, muffin top is a new thing for me because my post pregnancy middle is more squishy. I’ve pretty much just converted to lots of dresses/skirts. That and I bought a pair of Not Your Daughter’s Jeans, but I’m not sold on them.
    .-= Fia´s last blog ..239 =-.

    1. Post

      oh yeah, i was wondering about the nydj’s i heard they were pretty good, but you don’t think so? haven’t tried them yet myself, as i couldn’t find a style i liked.

  2. Ashe MIschief

    I go the pregnant lady route… I just wrap a rubber band around the button hole and around the button. But it leaves an unslightly gape, which makes me REALLY interested in the adjust a button….

    1. Post

      oh yeah, the zipper comes undone with adjust a button too. the only advantage i guess would be the buttons are sturdy!

  3. Madeleine Gallay

    Nice. I have a five inch wide elastic belt with a front zip that is so so so comfortable and yet keeps everything up and in place.
    .-= Madeleine Gallay´s last blog ..Believe It Or Not - There Is A Genetic Test For … Cellulite =-.

    1. Post

      oh wow! can you wear that with low rise jeans? i always find that elastic belts sit higher on my waist

  4. Shelley

    Most of the jean styles are cut so low in the rise that even if you don’t have a thick middle you end up with a muffin top, and I have small hips and not much of a butt, so jeans that don’t fit well in the rear make me look like a guy. I find it easier to stick to skirts and dresses. Anyone know of a brand of women’s jeans that are designed to fit those of us who lack curves?
    .-= Shelley´s last blog ..Standout Summer Accessories =-.

    1. Post

      yeah, like a lot of the commentors, i’m starting to think that the only solution really is a higher waist jean. the jeans i wear the most that don’t give muffin top are ultra high waisted. current & elliot recently came out with a high waisted skinny jean that i think i might try!

  5. sutton

    oh the devil muffin top! the solution is buying jeans/pants/skirts that fit! so many women get caught up on the size, but truth be told, the best way to look thin is to wear clothes that fit ~ rather than looking stuffed!

    ps ~ im having a missoni beach bag give-a-way, come on over and check it out! http://stylesubstanceandsutton.blogspot.com/2010/06/missoni-give-way.html

    1. Post

      oh yeah, the thing is that many jeans don’t fit properly not because of the size but because of the shape. everyone cuves differently.

  6. 365 Fashion Rehab

    So funny! I was just suddenly (and very surprisingly) re-united with a pair of amazing skinny jeans that have been missing from my wardrobe foe quite some time… when I tried them on, two things happened; I did a little dance of joy because I could still do them up but was then immediately deflated to see the dreaded muffin top north of the zipper. I was thinking of taking them to my tailor and having her insert elastic in the side of the waistband, but maybe these would be better?
    Love, P

    1. Post

      oh yeah, well, i think adjust a button is probably better if you have more than one pair of jeans that you need to adjust, if it’s just one, you might be better going to the tailor. but contrats! i love finding old jeans!

  7. shauna

    I am loving your videos! You are so cute in them!

    I have what I refer to as “thunder thighs” from growing up ski racing in my adolescence, so jeans are super hard to find. They are usually huge in the waist and tight around the thighs - I am totally keeping these in mind when jean shopping next time. I have just been getting cheap jeans from Old Navy because none of the fancy brands fit properly.

    Thanks for the post!
    .-= shauna´s last blog ..Cats Don’t Walk On Leashes =-.

    1. Post

      ooh, i heard old navy had good jeans… i haven’t had a pair for a few years, but really it all depends on the place that’s right for you than how much something costs. i have a pair of oxfords i got at the flea market for $4 that have outlived many a higher priced shoe inmy closet.

  8. Trinidad

    I find that 7 of mankind jeans fit really well. The real problem is skinny jeans! It that muffin-top vs saggy bootie dilemma. If anyone has found a solution please let me know!
    .-= Trinidad´s last blog ..Hump Day Hooray: The Free Booze Edition =-.

    1. Post
  9. Caroline

    The best way to overcome this for my personal shape is definitely high waisted jeans for a smooth line. They’ve been easy to come by lately, since high waists have been fashionable, but I can imagine them disappearing from the market as their popularity wanes again… Then, as an hourglass girl who can’t get jeans to fit her waist AND hips at once, I’m afraid jean buying will prove a trial from hell once again!
    .-= Caroline´s last blog ..Toothache =-.

  10. Veronica Darling

    ARGH. I wanna cuddle you, you’re so cute! But seriously, I really appreciate the ‘disclosure’ message here too… it really means a lot, as recently some of my fave bloggers have been gushing over products and I really don’t feel comfortable reading their ‘spruik’…

    Anyways, since I’ve never heard of these things before, your video was really interesting! xoxo

  11. Cassie

    This is a HUGE issue for me. After having my son I carry all of my weight in my middle while my legs are still very slim. So to find jeans that fit my legs and my waist is nearly impossible. Make that impossible. I might try these out.


  12. Abby

    This seems like an interesting product! Higher cut jeans help lessen muffin tops.
    .-= Abby´s last blog ..Modest Mouse’s Isaac Brock Backs Mimicking Birds =-.

  13. Suzanna

    Well, there goes the neighborhood (if YOU have muffin top, that is). I deal with it by wearing tunic tops, long t-shirts, always slightly loose. If my jeans were an inch higher in the waist, there would be no issue. Naturally, the problem is worse with something that is too small, but the problem exists so long as you encircle any area that is fleshy.

    I thought my solution was working until I saw a photo in which I appeared to be both bigger than I am and also overwhelmed by my clothes.

    In CA, I used to deal with it by always wearing a chic blazer. I could get away with it there, but not here.

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  15. Keira

    I have the SAME exact problem (and a really similar body shape as you) and jeans are probably one of my least favorite things to shop for — right behind bikinis. If a jean fits my butt and hips, it gaps at the back. If they fit my waist, they’re horrible in the backside. And muffin top is my nemesis. I like the adjust-a-button option if you’re wearing a longer top that fits snuggly on the hips and will cover the top of the zipper. Thanks for sharing!
    .-= Keira´s last blog ..watercolors =-.

  16. natalie

    muffin top or saggy bottom-OMG, I thought I was the only one! spanx help, but i end up getting tired of them. also, i have a problem with having to pull my pants up all the time, and while high-waisted bottoms may fix that, they tend to give me a toe-not a good look.

  17. AngieMontreal

    I have the problem with the gaping waist….which I guess is the opposite of the muffin top, but it sounds like some other readers have the same problem. I have big hips/booty in proportion to my waist, which is what created the problem…My solution is high waisted jeans, but for those who are looking for an average or low rise that will fit I wanted to suggest Silver Jeans actually….

    Full disclosure…I used to work from them back in the day (it was my first fashion industry job, worked there for 4 yrs, 1999-2003) To this day they are STILL the jeans that fit me best…other than the jeans I designed for a company I used to work for in Montreal, but they’re not around anymore…Anyhoo, the designer at Silver is amazing at perfecting fit, we would do at LEAST 5 fittings for each new style that was developed and they continue checking quality and fit throughout the production process. I’ve worked for quite a few clothing companies over the years, and I’ve never seen a company that comes CLOSE to perfecting/working on fit like they do.

    Not necessarily the jeans for girls with narrow hips, but PERFECT for the curvy girls!!
    .-= AngieMontreal´s last blog ..Panel Print T shirt Dress - S, M, L =-.

  18. Mary

    I recommend Seven jeans-not 7 for all mankind-the cheaper original with the word seven in the name sevens. They are a mid rise and higher than most (but without being all grandma or actually high waisted)-these work the best for me.

  19. Emily

    I read a few people comment that buying a size up is key, but even when I go a size up the jeans are loose in the legs and butt and still don’t fit my middle well! I just try to buy jeans with a bit of stretch and it’s usually okay. Had some success with a pair of Yanuk jeans… Worst case (on a big lunch day..) I wear a loose top or a cardie to cover any muffin top…
    .-= Emily´s last blog ..Ps- You Need to Check Out this Site =-.

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