An Eloquent Tribe: Proenza Schouler AW11

Before the Evolving Influence Conference, just one week ago, Jack and Lazaro from Proenza Schouler mentioned they were not sure how their show was going to come together. They seemed a tinge nervous, but me, not knowing a thing about them, said, “You’re going to do great! It always seems like chaos until the last minute.”

Last night at the show, in a warehouse on the Hudson River, lit with yellow and white neon lights and a runway that zig zagged like one of their signature prints and a bit of experimental music playing in the background with a base you can feel with your heart. I cozied up to the PR girls as I had a standing invitation, politely asking where I could get the best photos with my level of access. They happily helped me out, which was great… because when the models hit the runway, I couldn’t believe the designers were feeling unsure about their collection. Beautiful tribal inspired print, with exquisite textures and refined silhouettes. This was not the work that came together in a minute. It would be impossible.

I must get my hands on this bag!

Another carwash skirt? Three’s a trend!

I love these necklaces..they kind of remind me of the H&M for Lanvin necklace, but nicer.

jennineAn Eloquent Tribe: Proenza Schouler AW11

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  1. Carly

    Gorgeous…Love those statement necklaces over the conservative button down. Genius. And I can so translate that to real life

  2. TheOnlineStylist

    As one fashion week ends, so another begins! Have just been catching up on your NYFW coverage before heading off to London for my first day of LFW tomorrow - fantastic posts as always. Loved your Anna (W) moment! I found myself stood in front of her briefly at Nicole Farhi in September but never had the ya ya’s to ask for a picture. Instead I waited until I was up on the balcony and then zoomed in for many from a distance! You’ve inspired me - if I see her this time, I’ll ask! x

  3. Jessie

    i do like proenza, but wasn’t a huge fan of this season’s collection. the prints were too heavy and tribal.

  4. Bella Q

    This was one of my favorite shows, and I love the pictures you’ve captured here. The look was so fresh and masterful- this duo is so beyond anthing, putting together outfits that reference the past but are so planted in the future. LOVED this!

  5. Cindy @ AlienBabyBlog

    Those multiple ankle strap heels both in black and multi-color really softened the tribal prints. They are such geniuses. And so handsome, those two. Your pictures are great.

  6. Vogue & Vintage

    I really do enjoy all the designer deep inspiration on ethnic patterns and prints. Very bold and interesting! Great investment pieces that can become great vintage pieces in the years to come!

  7. Kimmiepooh

    Love, love, love the prints on the dresses. Proenza Schouler is such a force in the fashion game. Great pictures!

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