POLL: Do you feel rewarded by giveaways?

If you read a lot of blogs, you’ll probably see a lot of giveaways, here at The Coveted, we do get a lot of requests for giveaways…but as you see, they rarely happen here. This week we did a giveaway, which for a product I sincerely love. Which is why it made the cut. But as a publisher, I wonder who benefits most from giveaways. This morning on IFB’s Twitter, I put out the question to the community  to discuss with other bloggers and brands about who benefits the most from giveaways…

Readers are the most important part of the blog, so if you wouldn’t mind doing a quick poll, so we can understand better if you feel giveaways reward you, the reader. It makes ALL the difference!

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Of course any comments below are certainly welcome!

jenninePOLL: Do you feel rewarded by giveaways?

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  1. Liv

    Giveaways are great, although when every other post is a giveaway it can be a bit much and somewhat of a turn-off. I do have one going now but it’s only my third in about a year and a half so I guess I’m equal parts lazy and selective.

    1. Post

      yeah… i hear you… if a blogger does it too much, i start to question the editorial content… just sayin…

  2. Suze

    Honestly, I think it also depends on what you have to do. I enjoy rewarding my readers, so I request that those entering my giveaway be readers of my blog, which I think its normal, and I certainly don’t mind others doing that.
    Sometimes the “tweet this line” or “go here and do this” can be annoying, but, it’s also a promotion for the brand, and sometimes brands request you ask your readers to do that to be entered.
    If I don’t want to jump through hoops, I won’t. And I’m never upset if I don’t win, I’m always excited for the person that did!

    Ok. Sorry. Just wanted to add a little more to the conversation :)

    1. Post

      ah cool..thanks for clarifying! i just wonder how much rewarding readers with no blogs feel…maybe this poll will help.
      but i definitely don’t like complicated giveaways, i’m lazy!

  3. Madeleine Gallay

    In a word, no. OK, I did like winning a book from OnThisDayInFashion … I lusted for that book, not the giveaway,

    I don’t like it. I think a blog should stand on its own and I know this is unpopular. Worst of all are the ones that want you to retweet and join fouR sites and actually write a story as to why you like the product or want to win.

    It’s like coupons … I hate carrying them to get the discounts .. I will for Centinela Feed and Bed Bath and Beyond but please … I did it once and was so embarassed. I hate the p/r agencies that have absolute junk available as a giveaway. It’s banal and creepy much of the time. I hate (what is wrong with me, sheesh, hate?) those comments of “love your blog, come see my giveaway.”

    Apparently I woke up on the wrong side of the giveaway. (But I mean it all)

    1. Post

      oh my! yeah… sometimes it’s stuff no one wants… what’s the point? obviously it has to be well curated.

  4. lisa

    I host giveaways if:

    -they’re for products that I love and that would benefit readers
    -they’re unique, i.e. I won’t see the identical giveaway on every other blog in my Google Reader
    -they don’t require lots of hoop-jumping on the part of my readers

    I do get irked if I see a giveaway that requires 4-5 steps to be eligible, including RT’ing this phrase and following X, Y, and Z on Facebook and on Twitter. If it requires me to do a lot and to leave the blog post, only to come back so I can leave a comment saying I’ve done everything, I won’t enter, particularly if I have 50 other blog posts I haven’t read in my Google Reader. For this reason, I try to make my giveaways as simple as possible: one entry per person, leave a comment to enter. If you want to RT or follow me in other places, I appreciate it oh so much, but I’m not going to bribe you with extra giveaway entries to do so.

    1. Post
      1. eyeliah

        Its happened to me a few times where I agree to a giveaway only to see it show up on 10 other blogs that week! ugh. I don’t like to contribute to the oversaturation of a product. I used to run just any giveaway, now I am more selective. And I like to always have a current giveaway, as a reader I think they are fun so I want to offer them to my readers. I often am contacting companies I like to get items to giveaway on my blog. Yes they do affect content for sure, with no real job yet in 2011 my priorities stray away from the blog and to be honest I like that giveaways help fill the posting voids.

  5. Carly

    Everything in moderation. I am turned off by the blogs that have a giveaway everyday and link it at the bottom of their posts..it is sensory overload.
    I usually will do a giveaway once a month with a brand/boutique that I feature regularly and believe in and think makes sense with my blog/content.
    Great questions….you are always challenging me to consider my content and be the best blogger I can:)
    Happy weekend.

    1. Post

      thanks! well, i just wonder about it…because with giveaways, it’s certainly not traffic that the blogger is gaining, and it’s not good enough if the major benefactor is the brand. it’s important to ask how the readers feel.

  6. Kamicha

    For me the breaking point is what I have to do. Commenting is fine - but if I have to “like”, “follow” or anything like that I will skip. I’m not that cheap, lol!

    Sometimes the giveaways create the feeling that the blogger is giving away all the free shit she/he does not want. That is definitely not nice…

  7. elizabeth

    Thanks to bloggers linking to giveaways by other bloggers, I’ve discovered some blogs I never would have taken the time to check out otherwise. That said, a giveaway that involves me doing more than just commenting on the post is a big turn off for me. It’s even worse when tweeting and liking on Facebook offer extra entries, but I doubt those entries are really being counted.

    On top of that, lately it seems like bloggers are just getting handed a ton of free stuff and then passing off what they don’t want as a “giveaway”, especially when they’re running a contest every week! I’d much rather see a reader discount that EVERYONE can benefit from.

    1. Post

      ooh that’s a bit cheesy, though i don’t think i’ve ever seen a blogger give away free swag. oh wait, i saw someone giving away an ifb gift bag from the conference. woops.

  8. Casee Marie

    I love that you’re getting a conversation started on this topic; I think a lot of people just assume giveaways are universally liked.

    I write for two blogs, a dual fashion blog and another that I run independently. On the dual blog we do hold giveaways, but on my independent blog I’ve never had one and don’t presently intend to. It’s not that I don’t like giveaways and I certainly don’t mind seeing them on other blogs, but in my past experiences I felt like it didn’t always reward the most devoted readers. For example, I’ve seen people follow blogs for the purpose of entering and then un-follow as soon as the giveaway has ended. If I were to put a lot of time and effort into a special giveaway for my readers - as, really, that should be the purpose - and the winner turned out to be someone who I don’t recognize as an active reader of my blog that just wouldn’t seem fair. Obviously I appreciate people who follow my RSS feed, but my greatest support comes from the people who interact in comments and via Twitter/Facebook. Of course, it’s not really fair to only allow certain people to enter a giveaway either so I just try to give back to my readers by supporting their online endeavors, reading their blogs, visiting their Etsy shops and sharing the bits I particularly enjoy on my blog/Twitter/Facebook. That way everybody wins!

  9. Cate

    What an interesting topic! I actually have done several giveaways, but have never been compensated for them. I make jewelry, and once a month I’ll make something specifically for the blog to giveaway. The other giveaways have all been something I’d wear myself, and have usually been locally and/or handmade accessories so I can support smaller businesses by getting them some press. It never occurred to me that some might be turned off by that - but I can see where they would if I wasn’t particular about what I was giving away.

  10. Jocqulene

    When I’m checking all my BlogLovin’ posts and I see that the title is about a giveaway I automatically click past it. When every other blog post is a giveaway (average ones at that) they seem too much like ads. Especially when you need to post a comment, “Like” them on Facebook, pick your “favorite item from their shop”, and follow them on BlogLovin’. Too much work for a pair of earrings! Occasional giveaways with high quality prizes are fine but most of the time that isn’t the case. Glad you’re doing this poll!

    xo, Jocqulene

  11. L of Avid Accents

    I had a Giveaway week for reaching my one year milestone, and whew….it wore me out. Since i focus on budget friendly fashion, i included one for every feature of my blog….vintage, DIY and online shopping.

    It generated alot of traffic but the marketing was very time consuming and the traffic it did bring were people searching for a giveaway and not really interested in frugal fashion.

    I did however make it fun by kinda forcing the contestants to be creative to win and get engaged in a convo about fashion.

    I guess giveaways have thier ups and down. honestly they are meant more for the stay at home mom/ craft blogs. They are heavy with the giveaways and link parties.

  12. Julia M

    I only enter giveaways run by blogs I have a genuine interest in, and if the items being given away tie in with the blog and are something I would be interested in. I really hate the ones that have around 10 steps before you can enter - ‘follow me on 1, 2, 3, 4 social networks, tweet about this, blog about this, go to x website and comment here about your favourite thing, follow x on 1,2,3,4 social networks…and enter a separate comment on this post to tell us you’ve done each of these because I can’t be bothered actually reading your comments before I enter them into random.org.’ Those kinds of giveaways have me reaching for the x in the corner of the tab…

  13. Katie

    I really enjoy giveaways but even I can get sick of seeing giveaway posts on blogs every other day. I think it’s important to mix giveaways in. Basically, I want to read your blog AND enter your giveaways when you have one - not just come to your blog to enter giveaways and not do anything else.

    I have a great appreciation for those that run giveaways that are something that would appeal to their readers and not just something to give away for the heck of it. I’ve never ran one myself so I can’t comment on actually running one/deciding what to give away.

    Why do I like giveaways? I like them because they give me a chance to try something that I may have been liking but couldn’t commit to buying OR be able to win something that I never would have been able to have otherwise. For example, I won an adorable little Marc Jacobs bag from a blog a few months back. I’m on a budget (and super cheap to begin with) so something like that would not be something I could buy right now. Thanks to being a reader of the blog and entering to win, I now own one! I don’t know if I would necessarily claim that as “being rewarded for reading”… I feel like that sounds kind of cheap, but I think it’s a nice perk every once in a while.

    I am NEVER upset when I don’t win a giveaway. I’m happy just for the chance to win & happy for whoever did win! It would be silly to get mad over such a thing.

    Great topic! :)

  14. Yanira

    I never won anything until I entered my first blog giveaway. It was a nice pair of hand crafted earrings from a local Chicago designer. I love to support local artists and of course my city. I would love to do giveaways but I have yet to find something that has been brought to me that I love and I don’t like to push. I can be blunt to the point of rude ( I just call it being honest) but if I won’t wear it why would I offer it to my readers? That would be insulting. I do not think though that you have to tweet this a million times, follow someone on EVERY social network and unless it is meant to be funny or creative write a million things in the comment section. I blog bc I find it fun and I get to post pics of my toddler in her little outfits now and then. I think it would be nice and I had one of my readers (fellow mom & BFF) ask that I do one but like I said…I have to:

    1. LOVE it myself
    2. Has to be really cool or something like a $250 gift card bc that would be really nice
    3. Love it if it were handcrafted, maybe
    4. From a woman, women owned business, or another “glam” mom (you know us red lip wearing, high heel sporting, stroller pushing divas).

    On another note, can you do a post about getting other bloggers to maybe “critique” your blog. I know I said it is more for fun and my girlfriends love it but it would be nice to get fellow bloggers to comment, give input, likes & dislikes, advice, tips etc. I’m on IFB but I’m still so green, I’m not sure where to go from there. I BARELY learned what a widget was. No, seriously, my intern at work showed ME! Don’t laugh.


  15. Raquel Fernandes

    Well, everyday I believe less and less in the “random” winners… I can see from blogs in my country (everybody knows everybody) that the przes go to people they are friends with or that they had won something there before. That«s why I quit making giveaways and I prefer to do contests. I had one in NYE for bet outfit with a great jury from vogues and models agencies. The prize was just a bikini in the value of 100€ but a lot of people entered the contest because everyone likes a challenge. And because in my last two giveaways the prize went to people who had never commented me before and I never heard after. So I don’t ask for people to be my readers, because I’m only interested in readers who care, but I ask them to show me they deserve the prize. And that way they are showing they care and most of them stay loyal, like happened in the NYE contest I spoke before.

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  17. Ann

    Giveaways are a great way to connect to readers, but only if they’re done sparingly. They begin to feel like ads when they’re frequest (i.e. weekly). I only participate in giveaways/contests if it’s something I genuinely would like rather than participating in every one of them. I feel it increases the odds for someone else who might really use/want it, even if it’s just by one.

  18. Laura@ArtfullyArtista

    I love how your generating such a good conversation with this post! When it comes to give-aways I do them sparingly and only with companies that I like and would buy from myself. The same goes with reviews. Anything that one does along those lines must be you. As such, I have very few giveaways and reviews and I am very selective I never make my readers jump through unnecessary hoops and junk. If they follow me it’s because they like me. Not because I hand out stuff.

  19. Swan

    I have NEVER won a giveaway! So sad. Though I rarely enter. I have it in my head that I can’t because I often am somehow connected to the blogs where I comment and I would be being greedy. Am I duh or what?

  20. Swan

    Oh wait! But I do giveaways or have had people do them for me a few times. I can’t imagine there is anything wrong with them. I have occasionally been surprised at which product a blogger would choose to associate with. Not in some horrible way, I just don’t always see the aesthetic connection.

    I did do a giveaway where I asked people to join my fb page in order to enter. I felt a bit cheesy about that. But I mean seriously, this IS the internet, it’s a bit cheesy out here no matter what.

  21. Jeni

    I think giveaways are great but on my blog I only do one every few months. I try to offer expensive products that people would really want to try, but wouldn’t necessarily buy on their own because of the cost. Viewers get excited that they might win something, and of course one person actually does win a great prize.

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