Dressing for the Summer Heat

Trying not to state the obvious, but it’s hot in New York City. Mega-hot. I’m no stranger to heat, but it’s been a while, and never had to work in an office in blistering heat. Thank god for A/C! However getting dressed for the times when I have to be outside can be a challenge. One can literally walk outside naked and have too much clothes on. I prefer not to do that. There are some things I keep in mind when getting dressed while keeping the hoochie elements to a minimum.

1: Comfortable Fabrics

The theory of dressing for hot weather and wearing less clothes is a bit of a myth. When I’m visiting my family in more desert climates, sun protection is just as much of a factor. I was probably the most overdressed person at Coachella, but I also didn’t get a sun burn! And I wasn’t overheated due to the types of fabrics I wore. Thank goodness, silk has made a comeback this year. I find myself wearing airy silk clothing all the time. While I’ve had to learn to eat more carefully (not a bad thing) silk shirts and dresses have really made summer heat bearable. Cotton is also great, modals and jerseys are perfect for the heat, especially when it’s humid out. The key is wear fabrics that breathe. Always.

2. Creative ways of Bearing Skin

Some people do cover themselves from head to toe in the heat. Some practically wear bikinis. I’m more in the unexpected skin baring camp. The cut out button down shirts I’ve been seeing around for the past few years have been so inspiring. A new twist to a stuffy style always gets me going. Here I’ve finally succumbed to buying the Equipment silk cutout blouse. It’s way more comfortable than some of their cheaper counterparts and well worth the investment. I love the way it exposes the shoulders but covers everything else. Paired with a stripped mini skirt and flat sandals makes an outfit covered but unexpectedly uncovered.

What are some of your heat-bearing tips?


Wearing: Blouse: Equipment • Skirt: H&M • Sunglasses: Karen Walker • Shoes: Matt Bernson • Bag; Coach* (*gift)

Photos by Nando Alvarez

jennineDressing for the Summer Heat

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    1. sutton

      you can get all the equipment tops on our site: http://montmartreny.com/category.asp?catid=18524
      Happy Shopping!!

  1. dressperado

    Jennine, I love your outfit! While comfortable and dramatic it would be perfect for a petite girl like me.

  2. Christine

    Frankly, because I tend to drop very quickly due to sunstroke, I avoid going out in the sun. This also helps me keep my death pallor glowing, as the sun never touches my face. I guess my number one suggestion is good window coverings, so I can wander around nude and not scare my curious neighbours. Of course, that has only worked this past week as my son is away and I can get away with it, lol.

    Honestly, I have to cover up in the sun, so I do look like I’m wearing a hazmat suit sometimes. I prefer long dresses, in cotton or silk, big hats and sunglasses and then, as God is my witness, I wear sun protection gloves and hats. I must admit I have a bit of heliophobia too, so that explains my reluctance to go outside.

    But I do love those Equipment shirts…might be worth investigating,


  3. Closet Cravings

    Love both the Matt Bernson sandals and the Equipment blouse. Summer’s a great time of year but sometimes the heat can be so unbearable. One summer the A/C in my apartment was out for two days. My husband and I literally slept with a few ziplock bags of ice in our bed and a bed sheet that had been chilled in the freezer. One must do whatever is necessary to stay cool. =)

  4. Courtney

    I’m a loose cotton pants with sandals and an oversized cotton tunic top with a cute print kind of summer dressing gal - the heat is so intense today though that I’m staying put in front of an air conditioner!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  5. Jessica Kelly

    I know this is incredible heat!! I’m used to it from the south, but I don’t walk around in it all day there…you drive! I really question the sanity of those people that wear fully covered ensembles still in the city…they must be crazy!

  6. Pam @over50feeling40

    Everything here is fabulous…manicure, shoes, sunglasses, blouse, ring…love all of it! I do wear back in Texas heat, but not if I will be outside alot. I am one who is so tired of the heat…it has been a long, hot, dry summer…will rejoice when the first real cool front goes through..but it is months away.

  7. Natalie

    Summer fabrics are so important! I’m in a linen skirt right now with a cotton top, and a cotton scarf and synthetic sweater… I only wear synthetics as an outside, removeable layer because if I try to wear them all day, I die of heat!

  8. eat.sleep.wear.

    So ADORE these sunnies on your! So fun and funky ;) xo, Kim http://www.eatsleepwear.com

  9. mochababe73

    Dressing for the weather is very important. But one also needs to remember to carry a bottle of water if you’re going to be walking around alot. Saw a woman pass out at the train in D.C.
    I like the thin t-shirts that Target sells. I’ve been living in the white ones most of the summer.

  10. Christine

    I love how you have a short skirt with long sleeves - that’s totally how I like to show off a little skin. Shorts with a nice jacket and, of course, gorgeous sandals to match!

  11. Kate

    I like loose tops when it’s hot out, I don’t really like anything sticking to me…and a skirt or really short cutoffs…

  12. DignityZine

    First of all, I love the nails.

    I live in a perpetually warm climate, so I wear a comfortable “thigh shaper” (not going to use the work “girdle.” Just not gonna do it). Keeps the thighs from becoming too familiar with one another and I actually feel cooler.

    Dignity Zine’s last blog..*New Feature* Iconoclass: Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday

  13. Monroe Steele

    i am inlove with your sunnies and sandals…yes this heat is a killer great tips!

    xoxo Monroe

    Fashion Steele NYC

  14. Style Eyes

    I love your sandals. I always think it is easier to keep cool if your feet are cool.

  15. jasmine (Fashiongrail)

    Cute outfit! I live in FL where the weather is hot and humid all year round so I’m all about comfort and ease. I braid my hair when it’s wet for a wavy look, I also have about a dozen off the shoulder tops love the way they look with shorts and skirts and I always always follow the showing skin on the bottom cover up on top rule and vice versa. :-)

  16. Alexandra

    Oh,how I adore those sunglasses and the stripped skirt <3

    alexandra @

  17. suzanna

    I live in SwampLand, where it is unbearably hot in the summer. The big secret is never to wear anything that is snug to the skin. For instance, a camisole with a sheer top over it might look cute, but one can expect to feel mummified within the hour. My horrendouly unfashionable solution is men’s t-shirts, size large, and cut-offs, with platform sandals (you could keel over from the chic).

    Love your outfit here! The sandals are an inspired addition. Have to confess that when I saw the pics, I thought, She looks HOT (as in overheated; but you also look haaawt, as in phwoaaaaaarrrrrr)!

  18. Yooona


    You’re a REAL FASHION ICON Jennine. You’re really gorgeous. I think Your clothes just compliment your inner and outer beauty from the first place. You really know how to mix and match clothes. And I’m lovin’ the shades! I want! I want!

  19. Daniel Dunt

    I have to say that I’m not exactly a fan of the summer, simply due to the ridiculous temperatures; I’ve always enjoyed the sight of snow a little more! Admittedly this Summer (despite the fact that there has been a slight lack on sun over here in England, United Kingdom) I have been a little lazy and the majority of the time been throwing on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt which I would never let anyone see me in (meaning the public) yet when I do venture out? I balance jeans or trousers with a polo top of some sort; wearing a long sleeved shirt or top is most definitely not an option! Overall, a great post! (again) - Daniel Dunt :D


  20. aishwarya

    I love the clicks A LOT. And being a glares-freak, i love those glares! All in all, the clicks are amazing!

  21. LuceBuona

    I have the same skirt from H&M! I love it so comfy and flattering!
    I totally agree on the cotton and fabrics that “breathe”, my skin is very sensitive -to the sun, to the dust, to cold, to fabrics! - and it is always a good choice!
    Those sandals are adorable! ;)

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