Look Ma, No Pants! Wearing a White Shirt Dress

Summer Outfit-5

This year I have fallen back in love with button down shirts. Back in 2004 I was so sick of them that I took a seven year hiatus. Call it a seven year itch if you will! But, button down shirts aren’t the only thing. The shirt dress. Well, it’s almost like just a plain shirt worn as a dress. Over the weekend I picked up one at Zara for about $25 as a test to see if I would love the style. To tell the truth in this hot weather, the more it feels like going naked without offending anyone the better.

A white button down shirt dress can be worn in any number of ways, I tried with a belt but felt it would be better just to wear a simple as possible and accessorize the hell out of it. With cuffs galore and Shutz leopard print booties, and red lipstick it’s just dressed up enough to make an “outfit” rather than a Sunday smock. Not that you won’t find me wearing a smock on Sundays. That’s my favorite thing to wear!

Below, I have re purposed a thin braided belt to a cuff… now it’s just a matter of finding other thin belts around!

Yesterday I was experimenting with nail polish, below is a two toned pedicure I did myself! I tried with my fingernails, but messed it up pretty badly with all the layering of polish. Definitely more fun to do with the pedicure, this will be the first of many experiments!Wearing: Shirt Dress : Zara • Glasses:Karen Walker • Shoes: Shutz • Cuffs: H&M, Target & Erica Wiener • Clutch: Clare Vivier

Photos by Nando Alvarez

jennineLook Ma, No Pants! Wearing a White Shirt Dress

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  1. Natalie

    You look great! I love the belt idea, it looks great. Was it hard to buckle yourself? That’s always my problem! I’m always waking up my husband to snap something!

  2. Erika Gregory

    Your pedicure is off the chain cute! Doing a closet reorganization this week. Who knows what I will find. Hopefully, a thin belt to use as a bracelet. Love, love, love that idea!

  3. blahblahbecky.co.uk

    Ah the classic shirt dress in white - you cannot fail.

    Love the pop of those heels against the simplicity of the dress.

  4. Keira

    First, those leopard booties are to die. And I love the idea of a thin braided belt as a cuff! Racking my brains to try and remember all the belts lying around in my closet so I can give this a try. And finally, I think you nailed the shirtdress. I live in FL and it’s hot as all get out, and I’m thinking I need another shirt dress or two in the warm weather arsenal…

  5. Kori

    Loving those shoes! You look adorable honey! Have a great Monday sweetheart! Kori xoxo


  6. Levina

    Are you in front of L’Orange Bleue in your first shot by any chance? LOVE your nails! x

  7. Closet Cravings

    I love a great button down shirt. There’s just something so appealing about a crisp tailored shirt, especially a white one. I find the ones by Elizabeth and James and Equipment soooo irresistible. I love all the fun little details of your look, particularly the leopard shoes and two toned pedicure. =)

  8. Monroe Steele

    Nice..love the shoes and toe nail polish. I love where you take your photos too.

    xoxo Monroe

    Fashion Stele NYC

  9. Ginta

    There are so many things to love in your outfit! But I guess that’s the thing - to wear a very simple, basic dress with colorful and beautiful accessories. And matching sunnies with shoes - genius!

  10. Daniel Dunt

    I really love that shirt dress (or plain shirt) with that clutch! - I always seem to bang on about shirt dresses and my admiration for them, simply because I’m all for girls slipping into guys clothes (you know, sweaters and shirts) and I have always considered a shirt a stereotypical guys piece. Shirt Dresses? *thumbs up* - Daniel Dunt


  11. hanny

    whoah! great fashion! never thought of that one before… it’s wonderful! i would love to wear something like this too.. it looks so simple yet classy

  12. For Those About To Shop

    I love the white shirt dress and I always thought it was sexy because it’s like putting on your guy’s shirt the morning after the night before. I love the colors of that building: stylish contrast with the stark white of the garment.

  13. The BB

    Your nails look amazing. I love the color combo!!
    The Clare clutch is pretty fabulous, I’m obsessed with her bags.

  14. Natasha (One Woman's Style Evolution)

    Hmmm, I really like this look. I think I am going to try this with a red shirt dress which hasn’t made it out of my closet yet.

  15. Jocelyn

    Lovin’ that black braided cuff! Looks sort of like a super skinny belt wrapped and fastened - but so chic. Where did you find it?

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  17. alphabetabeta

    I love those nails, I love that glasses ur wearing, I love that dress…the accessories, the shoes..and OH…especially the NAILS~~~!
    One more thing…I love that smile ….you look so stunning!

  18. Aliza

    I love those nails the color combo ! :) in fact I love it all, The dress looks cool and comfy.
    You actually look stunning!

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