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I had an itch to brighten my hair, to make a change, but the first change really wasn’t me. In my mind I thought of going lighter, images of Alexa Chung with her brown, but blonde hair.. bronde, the color between brown and blonde. Last night I went back to Pimps and Pinups to fix my hair to something that suited me more. This meant doing research on what exactly was lurking in my mind when I said, “I’d like to go lighter.” Blonde isn’t an option for my olive skin and brown eyes, but sometimes brown is well… boring. It’s hard to add depth, and hard to justify coloring my hair a fraction of a shade and for $100. I wanted more depth, and going bronde looked like it would work on me. My stylist, Marissa, took a look at the images that I presented, not only were they bronde, the had very similar ombre tones. See, hair naturally brightens as it grows, and to be frank, no one shows their natural color these days, so why not play around?

Here is a mood board (sorry, Alexa) with some of the brondes on the runways for AW11:

So here are the before and after shots:

I feel bringing in a photo really helps and, it’s more aligned with what really inspires. Yeah, I guess that’s common sense, but it took a lesson to make that happen. Anyway, I really like how the new color turned out.

What are some of the hair color trends you’re feeling lately?

Photos: Nando Alvarez • Style.com • Dimitrios Kambouris//Getty


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  1. Beautifully Invisible

    I love it! The bronde looks great with your skin tone and really brings out your eyes.

    I decided to go from my natural dark brunette to auburn for the summer. Drastic, but I love it!

    1. Post

      ooh i thought about going auburn, but i look terrible with red hair, it’s so hard, so if you have the skin tone for it, you’re a lucky girl, auburn is a beautiful color!

  2. jk

    The new color is very pretty on you! I’ve had issues with “inbetween” colors. I’ve gone blonde (dark, light, ash, warm) a million times and it’s all trial and error. I’ve learned that lifting or lightening your overall base color will make blondish highlights look more natural. Since you’ve done that in step 2, it would be easier to get more tipped streaks!

    1. Post

      oooh that’s what i’m hoping for… so who knows, maybe i’ll go a blonder bronde one day! :)

  3. Closet Cravings

    Trying something new with your hair can be a little scary. Despite how intimidating it may be to change up one’s hairdo, I think it’s fun and a little exciting to sort-of reinvent oneself. I think it’s great that you experimented with your locks. I just changed up the look of my hair yesterday, and I’m still trying to decide whether I like it or not. =)

  4. Suzanna

    This is fantastic, Jennine! I adore both the new cut and this color. It looks natural and it does brighten your face.

    By the way, the first photo is fantastic and I hope you use it for promo purposes-there’s a lot of joie de vivre in that expression.

    1. Post
  5. Amber

    Love the new colour, very natural looking. I am in the same situation as you after going back to my natural colour (mouse/brown/ash with grey!) after being blondish for years. I hated the dull shade but luckily the sun has shone and I have warm reds and gold mixed in now. I will keep a photo of your new colour to take with me to hairdresser come Autumn, so thank you very much for sharing. Have a wonderful week honey. ax

  6. Lisa

    Bronde is a great idea. At 54, I’m going gray. Which is turning out to be a wide gray stripe on light brown hair. Kind of dramatic Maybe thing will flip, and us old ladies will be the ones with our natural color showing:). This is what it looks like, in case you’d like to see. http://www.trustyourstyle.com/2011/07/eye-on-style-lisa-from-privilege.html.

    1. Post

      oh wow! that’s a nice color, i wish my greys would be more organized, they’r just generally everywhere! but yeah, i think for most ladies, it’s having ‘a nice grey’ which some don’t but it looks like you do and wear it well.

  7. Cad

    This hair looks absolutely STUNNING on you. I could not have picked a better color (or in this case, in between-color).
    Very, very beautiful!


  8. nrc

    It came out really well on you hun love it, I’d love ombre hair but I’d have to find one that I really liked.

    NRC ♥

  9. Casey

    Sometimes tweaking a color is totally worth it. While I thought you looked pretty with the previous color, the “new” version is really beautiful and makes your complexion glow! My natural color has always been “bronde”, so it’s kind of neat that the fashion world is embracing the weird, in-between color. ;)

  10. For Those About To Shop

    Bronde is a nice colour, reminds me of Gisele. My daughter is a natural bronde with highlights!

  11. Adrianna

    For me i choose dark it’s hair more attractive.and it’s my natural color so i love it.thanks for sharing….

  12. Lollie Shopping

    Dare I say you wear bronde better than Alexa Chung? There I said it. Seriously, the look appears softer on you than it does on Chung. On her it comes off a little harsh. On you, it’s soft and romantic.

  13. Gina

    I don’t know that it’s a trend, but I’ve cut out all of my colour — and I’m sporting my gray. For now.

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  15. julia

    This is my natural color. And I’m happy that I never dyed my hair because now it’s a trend :D

  16. Heidi/The Closet Coach

    The “bronde” looks great! I had a similar cut and color change lately, too, and I found that a mood board helped communicate to my stylist what I was after; in my case, I used Pinterest. (In fact, I just wrote a blog post about it.)

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