Statement Coat Trends for Fall


Fall coats are fun. They add layers, and depth to your outfits. They aren’t bulky, they don’t really have to be all that functional, so they tend to be flattering. Have you ever seen a flattering puffy coat? I think not. It’s always fun to go fall coat shopping (less fun to go winter coat shopping), right now I’m looking around for that perfect coat, that can hopefully last into the winter if I can layer it right. Here are some looks that I find inspiring for this season:

Pattern Play

Texture is always good to add to any outfit. This season with pattern mixing hitting it’s peak, having a coat with a pattern is great, having one with neutral colors that will go with almost anything, even better. It’s the perfect way to dress up that all black outfit I know I tend to find comfort in when the weather starts to decline.

Images from Refinery 29 and Stockholm Street Style

Vivid Vixen

Just because it’s getting cold outside doesn’t mean you have to be drab. Who says bright colors are for warmer days? I love seeing a bright coat in a sea of black coats. Over the years I’ve had red coats and they’ve really been a lot more versatile than imagined, so it’s worth taking the risk to make a statement.

Images from The Locals and Refinery29

Supersize Me

Yesterday I made my husband pull out my winter coats? Why, because I have a cocoon coat that will go over any bulky sweater, or blazer, or any layered outfit. Finding that perfect chic oversized coat will be a lifesaver in days to come. Why? The layering potential is unlimited. Just be sure to make sure it’s stylish enough not to look to blobby. It’s a fine line, but worth exploring.

Both images from Elle.com

Long & Leather

When I think of long leather coats, two images come to mind, Cowboys and the Matrix, but the leather trend can get addictive. Going with a vintage suede trench for the boho chic or a motorcycle trench for those a bit more edgy. I quite like that look and would love to be able to give it a try. Just wish it wasn’t such a commitment to invest in a leather coat. Ah, but a girl can dream, can’t she?

Images from StreetPeeper and Bazaar

jennineStatement Coat Trends for Fall

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  1. Sarah Nicholson

    I really never thought about coats as statements - too practical for that - they are there to keep you warm. But your blog post is excellent. The various textures, colors, lengths and looks do create drama and make a statement about you. Clearly I am too conservative. My favorite coat is the Zebra by Stockholmd Street Style. Just awesome.

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