Romanticism Undressed: Alexandre Herchovitch AW 2013


Before leaving for the show, I was trying to get dressed in a way that looked chic enough for fashion week, warm enough for post-blizzard temperatures, and somehow flattering enough with my transforming body. It occurred to me that transforming my wardrobe is now an everyday thing, as I rolled up a fur vest that no longer fit so I could wear it as a collar.

Perhaps that’s the tone I was feeling going into the show, as the models walked down the runway at Alexandre Herchovitch, the use of transforming upside-down tops into peplums. Clothes change their meaning when repurposed, here the upside-down peplums had an undressed quality, described by the designer “erotic feeling when the clothing, similar to the petals of flowers, fall from the body revealing lingerie-inspired pieces.” Crisp yet disheveled, undressed, and dressed up. I liked the semantics of the collection, which felt more like dissecting a piece of art rather than looking at a collection of things to wear next season. Who knows, I’ve been known to wear clothes upside down, so perhaps it’ll inspire my fall wardrobe this year.

jennineRomanticism Undressed: Alexandre Herchovitch AW 2013

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  1. Ariele

    Really quite stunning. I love thinking about where designers might get some of their inspiration, and for me this hints a little of street style with a flavour of Gwen Stefani, love it.

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