Can you wear “Mom Jeans” if you’re actually a mom?



The 90′s are all over the place.

Good if you like dressing down and keeping things simple. Part of me though, thinks to pull some of the looks off, you need to be young and tall, or you just run the risk of looking like you just plain gave up. Part of me though, the part that likes to indulge in trends, doesn’t care about that first part.

…but when the trends are named after a demographic I actually belong to, the lines between ironic and sincere blur.

The thing is, I know what’s going on in my mind when it comes to trying out some trends, but when the trends are named after a demographic I actually belong to, the lines between ironic and sincere blur. Dude, I’m 39, which is basically middle aged. I’m a mom. I’m not supposed to be cool… at least by antiquated ideas of what middle aged women were supposed to look like.

I actually really like the “mom jeans” look. High waisted, loose fitting, light wash, kind of like the jeans you’d find at JCPenny or Sears. It’s an interesting take on the “boyfriend” look (if you don’t know the difference, I explain here) or the “dad” look. Pretty soon there’ll be the “brother jeans,” once we see full grown women wearing skater jeans.


Anyway, I digress. I like the “mom jeans” yes, because they’re comfortable and not too precious so I’d worry if I spilled food on them (something that regularly happens). I like the retro look even if I absolutely did not wear jeans like this in the 90′s (I was a strict dresses and holey tights girl). I also like how they push me to putting together something that doesn’t look sloppy, but their nature is so relaxed, the range of occasions to wear them is actually quite broad.

Oh… I’m at baby singing class? I’m totally not dressed up because I’m wearing these jeans.

Oh… I’m at a gallery opening? I’m kind of hip, (Who uses the word “hip?” ha!) and I am dressed up because I’m wearing heels.

By the way… these heels are the most comfortable heels I own. They’re Clarks… and yes, I was searching high and low for a pair of glove sandals that weren’t $775 like the Givenchy glove sandals. But that’s another story!


A crisp shirt will make the jeans into an outfit. Today I’m wearing the J Crew crepe shirt. Love it because it looks like dry clean only, but is totally machine washable. (Yes, I care about those things because I never remember to bring things to the dry cleaner).


If it gets cold (hey, summer isn’t here YET), I just throw on a slouchy blazer, like this one I got from H&M. Sure, they say not to wear baggy with baggy, but then again, my mom told me all through the 90′s all my clothes looked like potato sacks.

So there you go. Full circle.


Wearing: Jeans: BlankNYC • Shirt: J Crew • Blazer: H&M • Sunglasses: Wildfox • Bag: Proenza Schouler • Shoes: Clarks

jennineCan you wear “Mom Jeans” if you’re actually a mom?

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  1. Lisa

    So great to see you blogging again, Jennine, and kicking things off with an outfit that’s very of the moment! Hope motherhood is treating you well.

    1. Post

      Thank you so much! Indeed, it is… been loving spending time with the baby so much, he’s such a joy! And It’s also so nice to be back blogging, thank you. :)

  2. Lisa

    It’s San Francisco Style, iconified! I went to a rare glamorous cocktail party recently, and wore Citizens of Humanity boyfriend jeans ripped at the knees, a white tee, UNIQLO IDLF linen jacket, and 60mm Valentino Tango pumps:). For regular life (because hey, who goes to parties all the time?) I switch out heels for sneakers. I feel like now you’re here, and blogging, SF Style has its public face. Thank you!

    1. Post

      Oh you are so clever to find a way to wear those Valentino pumps. I was scared to buy them because I thought they would only come out once in a while. The public face of SF… oh my, that’s a HUGE title to try to carry!

  3. Jess P

    Justine- I’m so delighted that you’re back! Your voice and perspective is as beautiful as always, as is your site! It’s inspiring to me to see how your take on fashion and style has evolved through your single girl to married girl to mom girl years. xoxo, Jess

    1. Post

      Hey Jess P! You HAVE been around basically from the beginning, thank you so much. It’s always so nice to hear from you. :)

  4. grechen

    first, YAY!!!! i’ve been waiting for your next outfit FOREVER ;)
    and it’s such a great one…
    of course, i’m getting those shoes. on wednesday actually.

    1. Post

      Hahah, well, you’ve given me a lot of inspiration as I really like how you’ve evolved your style as well. And HORRAY! We can be shoe twinsies! ;)

  5. Queen Michelle

    Well I think you look gorgeous in them!
    I sometimes feel the reverse - as a 40 year old should I really be wearing this frilly tutu? The answer is probably a resounding no, then I go and do it anyway x

    1. Post

      Haha, so true… then again, I think the older we get the more license we have to wear whatever we want. The bolder the better!
      Also… it doesn’t count if you are actually a ballerina when you’re wearing a tutu. Then that stuff is like, “I’m wearing it to keep it real.”

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