Leather Shorts Makes Everything Fancy


Leather shorts. They’re one of those things you think you can’t possibly pull off. Their image lies somewhere between lederhosen and dominatrix… and maybe a little bit of both for that matter. I’ve had my go at leather shorts over the years, I had this pair of brown leather shorts from Topshop that I just had the hardest time making work. Even though I loved the idea of them, after having them for years I just gave them to charity.

And like how nature abhors a vacuum, as does my wardrobe. As one pair of leather shorts came out, I spotted a pair of faux leather shorts at Zara. The price was right, and without even trying them on, I just bought them (it’s something I do nowadays, trying on clothes with a baby in tow doesn’t always work). And wouldn’t you know it? They are perfect!

Which led me to the next point. Where do you wear leather shorts? I’ve dressed them down with Converse and a flannel, or dressed them up like, you know to go to the flea market. Funnily enough people actually dress up to this Flea Market. It’s totally a thing. So there were a lot of people WAY more decked out than me. (I even saw a woman wearing a leather dress!)

Anyway. Where there’s a will, there’s a way… so there’s always a reason to wear leather shorts. Besides, they’re way more fancy than regular shorts.

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Wearing: Shorts: Zara  Sunglasses: Wildfox • Bag: Givenchy • Shoes: Clarks • Denim Top: Current/Elliott • Cuff: Nordstrom

jennineLeather Shorts Makes Everything Fancy

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  1. becky | accooohtrements blog

    you gorgeous gal you! look at those schexy pins!



    1. Post

    You have legs to flaunt, so good for you to rock those shorts.
    I love the look of your new site. It is stylish, welcoming, friendly and it doen´t look like a magazine.
    I feel like copying it, lol
    Glad to have you back

    1. Post

      Aw thanks! I used the wordpress theme X which is pretty robust! My old theme was from 2009, so it was time for an update already! ;)

  3. grechen

    best leather shorts ever. they look amazing on you. and those SHOES. i wanted to try them on, and none of the stores have them, so i guess i’ll just have to order online…do they fit true?

    1. Post

      YES! They do fit true to size… I initially ordered them in both so I would choose one pair, but they were so comfortable I kept them both. Oh well, you can’t have enough nude or black shoes right? ;)

  4. Queen Michelle

    Ah I still have my fab leather StyleStalker leather shorts sitting in the wardrobe. Haven’t given them a whirl in ages. Not sure I feel all that confident in them any more though x

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