Bag Lust: Reece Hudson

Bags have always been the one piece I have always loved on OTHER people, but when it came to the bag I would like for myself… they’ve always perplexed me. Is it too big, too boxy, to boring? Or is it too small, too floppy, too crazy? OR there’s that thing where the bag I love just cost $2,600. Now we’re just talking crazy.

It’s not often I run into a bag designer that’s in the contemporary spectrum of fashion designers that creates collection after collection of cool-as-fuck handbags. You know, that bag with a certain bad-assery that gives you a little bit of confidence (how much can you really get from a bag after all?) that you don’t see on the arm of everyone, that’s not cliche? Those bags are hard to find! Reece Hudson, a brand designed by Reece Solomon, particularly looks to bridge the gap between luxury and street style. I love how each of the bags has an iconic nature to the design, even the black bags are interesting with the clean lines and structured silhouettes.




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jennineBag Lust: Reece Hudson

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  1. Ulli

    I still struggle with using smaller handbags. Sounds crazy, I know. I guess that’s my security blanket…however….I might have to get a smaller one soon. I do have a few, I just don’t use them enough.

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