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Most days I just throw on a button down and a pair of pants. I’ll wear heels most days (although most days 3″ heels tops). And a nice bag. Even to go to the super market. I’m the overdressed one at the baby singing class. Who am I trying to impress? That’s a good question.

I suppose that having a personal style blog with just pants and button downs would be boring. Which was part of my issue with bringing back this blog. I’ve been working developing my style which is a lot more boring than it sounds. It’s not about indulging in every whim that passes by, it’s more about selecting the pieces and wearing them in a way that iconically true. Figuring out the types of clothes that I continually wear and feel confident in hasn’t been the easiest, because I rarely feel confident. But I’ve been finding that indulging in timeless and simple is a lot easier to feel good in.

So here, in this outfit I’ve gone with a high-waisted cropped trouser which has a very vintage feel to them. The blouse, I picked up at H&M because while I wear a lot of denim, this particular blue, while hot this season, seems a bit officey. How do you wear it in a way that doesn’t seem so buttoned up? Try tying it at the waist. That’s my solution since I’m so bad at tucking in my shirts!

Oh and here are the Proenza Schouler shoes I bought off TheRealReal… they’re very high and very naked feeling. Definitely a pair of shoes you have to get a pedicure before wearing.

Wearing: Sunglasses: Super • Blouse: H&M • Trousers: 3.1 Philip Lim • Sandals: Proenza Schouler • Bag: 3.1 Phillip Lim (gift from Saks Fifth Avenue).

What do you wear most days?


jennineMost Days I Wear…