The Coveted in Racked SF

Getting back into the swing of things over here at The Coveted has been a very interesting experience… at first I was nervous because things have all changed in the blogosphere, but it was really nice to be welcomed back by a feature on Racked SF, written by Kristen Philipkoski (and blogger behind Stylenik… check that out too!).

Take a look the full article here!


jennineThe Coveted in Racked SF

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  1. Lisa

    Somehow I feel like the fact that you have come back to blog is a harbinger of full circleism, a sign that the bloom is off social media, and people will come back around to wanting their own more personal platform.

    Or else it’s just fun to have you here again:).

    1. Post

      Oh wow, thank you so much Lisa. That is the nicest thing ever. We’ll see… I see both sides to the issue of commercialization vs personal. But, I am trying to work on the personal element because that’s what I missed the most.
      Thank you so much again.

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