24 Summer White Dresses You’ll Wear Forever


The thing about white dresses is that I never wear them when I’m supposed to. Married twice… did I wear a dress to either wedding? Nope. White dresses before Memorial Day and after Labor Day? You betcha. Even when I was pregnant, I squeezed myself into a white dress every now and then. There are actually more white dresses than black dresses in my closet. And each of them gets plenty of wear year after year. Maybe I’m not as dedicated to white as Olivia Pope or Ivania Caprio, but none-the-less every year I look for the perfect white dress to add to my collection. The great thing about white dresses, is that they tend to hold their WOW factor year after year. Wearing a white dress can make a dull day special or just be great for any spur of the moment festivities (although don’t wear white to a wedding unless you’re the bride). I just find they’re worth it every time I make the splurge on one of these things.

I don’t know about you, but when I shop for things online, I tend to obsess. Like the kind of obsessing where I go to every website and search through pages and pages of items in the very specific category I’m looking for. White dresses. White lace dresses. White shirt dresses… do you get what I’m thinking? Anyway, here are my favorites for this season:

In case you you wanted to know what I’m wearing in the photo above is my 3.1 Phillip Lim jaquard dress  (purchased in 2011) and my Free People cropped motorcycle jacket.

jennine24 Summer White Dresses You’ll Wear Forever

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  1. grechen

    oh - i’ve been thinking a lot about a white dress this year, but i have never worn one - not even at my two weddings LOL..

    i did like a shirtdress by james perse in white, but of course, i ended up getting an olive color instead. i didn’t even try the white on, i was so scared. of what, i don’t know…probably getting it dirty, or sitting in something and having a stain on my ass ;)

    1. Post

      Oh my! We have yet another thing in common! I didn’t know you didn’t wear a white dress to your own wedding(s) either! It wasn’t on purpose for me, it jsut ended up like that.

      I’d say go for it. Oddly enough, I spill on my clothes ALL the time, yet all my white clothes seem to make it through the day… so who knows? Maybe there is magic in the white outfits? I think you should go for it!

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