MOTHER Launches a Magazine for Stylish Moms

Moms used to scare me. So organized. Doing everything all perfect for their kids. As a group, moms really don’t have a stylish reputation. Short hair, Crocs, yoga pants. Too busy to be bothered to wear makeup. Yes, I’m that shallow. But come on, my grandmother had three kids, wore high heels every day until the end of her days, did her hair and makeup. And cleaned the windows of their Eichler home herself.

So what I’m saying, is that there really isn’t that much out there for moms who like the stuff that I like. Even though, among my friends, who are also moms, we all like the same stuff we did before we had kids. Fashion, beauty, travel, and the like.

Enter MOTHER. Launched by my friend Katie Hintz-Zambrano and her business partner, James McCoy (from Bleubird), this magazine fills the gap between fashion, style, life and motherhood. Katie, formerly the Refinery 29 West Coat Editor, uses her finely tuned skills as cool hunter and journalist to unearth the secrets to stylish motherhood. Even when she first told me of this site back in December, I knew it was going to be good, but it’s really amazingly good. With beautiful images, and interesting stories like the story of another friend of mind, Kristen who adopted her daughter, since motherhood happens in all kinds of ways.

In addition to profiles on cool moms around the country (from Lily Aldridge in Nashville and Lisa Mayock from Vena Cava in NYC to Beatrice Valenzuela in LA and Courtney Klein in SF), we also have verticals for fashion, beauty, home, food, travel, and more in-depth pieces about parenting issues (from sleep training to fertility problems and relationship help).

MOTHER publishes three times a day, so you’ll never get bored with all the mommy goodness.

Anyway, check it out already!





jennineMOTHER Launches a Magazine for Stylish Moms

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  1. Francesca

    The reference to your grandmother resonates. They were more prolific than the generations that came after and, you expect, ran a busier life with no technology or automotive aide. Alas, they were impeccable at all times. Thank for putting it into perspective.

    1. Post

      Thank you! Yeah, I really don’t know how she did it. I don’t cook or clean… so there’s that! So really, I have no excuse for wearing yoga pants, unless I’m going to a yoga class. ;)

  2. Behind the Mirror

    Great Post! I am sending this out to all my mom friends now! Thanks.

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