Handbag Roll Call: My 5 Favorite Bags This Summer

Once I went to a baby shower, and overheard a woman saying she didn’t need a handbag for the first two years of her child’s life.

“Say goodbye to cute bags!” She said.

That was not my experience.

Of course, I’ve used my bags to stash diapers, diaper wipes, baby food and extra baby clothes, and my son’s stroller is all full of essentials for him. But I’ve never felt more at peace with bags than I have in the past year. Maybe it’s getting the right collection together? My first “fancy bag” was the Givenchy Pandora bag, I scored at January sale years ago, it was like half off the 50% off sale, which was, like a no brainer for me. The second fancy bag I got, was the Proenza Schouler PS1 bag I purchased as a treat to myself for taking on a bunch of projects after my son came along. Having those two bags really opened my eyes to bag addiction.

Knowing what you need in a bag is important. I need a bag with a shoulder strap long enough to wear as a cross body if needed because I’ll need my hands free. I got the Sophie Hulme mini envelope bag because there were days where I just needed something big enough to fit my iPhone, wallet and keys, and cross body bags are the best for keeping your hands free. (I’m not ready to get into the belt bags / fanny packs yet!) And I’ve never been an advocate for HUGE bags, because I just end up carrying around a bunch of stuff I don’t need. And since I have a car and a stroller, toting around all the essentials in a bag (where I WOULD tote around if I lived in the city without a car) just doesn’t work for me.

So here are my bags:

  1. Vintage MCM Bag: I didn’t realize I wanted a bucket bag until Grechen from Grechen’s Closet told me that they were great, and I should get one. Yes, it’s that easy to put an idea in my head. Thanks Grechen, for enabling me. I was actually looking for a fanny pack when I came across this vintage number. And so far, I love it!
  2. Proenza Schouler PS1 in Smoke: This is my standard go-to bag. In grey, it works with almost any shoe color, the satchel is great with jeans or dresses. It’s the perfect day bag.
  3. Givenchy Medium Pandora Bag: This bag I got on sale, and was my gateway drug into nice bags. The light blush color is perfect for spring and lighter color outfits, and roomy enough to stash quite a lot of stuff without looking like a huge bag. Also, love the zip pockets.
  4. Sophie Hulme Mini Envelope Bag: This bag is a luxurious bag for the mid-range budget (I’m talking more expensive than cheap bags, but not your $2500 luxury bag either). The leather is super soft, and I love the gold hardware, which is statement/minimal. The clean lines make it a beautiful addition to any outfit… and it’s big enough to old your absolute essentials.
  5. IIIbeca Clutch: Clutches are my favorite, even though I don’t get to use them as often as I’d like. Having a colorful clutch that will make your evening outfits work is so important. I have been working my way to limit my wardrobe color palette, so red works with most of my outfits, and this clutch fits the bill. Plus it was a great price point (around $150).

Which handbags are you loving right now?

jennineHandbag Roll Call: My 5 Favorite Bags This Summer

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  1. grechen

    haha! so glad i could be of assistance :) so funny, because just today i started working on a post for next week on bucket bags! i love them, but am looking for one that’s sort of medium-sized, and black, that i can wear crossbody for traveling. i have a larger one, but it’s just too big, and my beloved alexander wang diego bucket bag was just SOOOO heavy, i had to sell it. the style is so chic though

    1. Post

      Well, I just LOVED our real life shopping trip, even though we didn’t actually buy anything on it! I do love the MCM bucket bag, but the strap isn’t quite long enough to be a true crossbody, even though I have slung it over my head to free my hands. I was wondering about AWang’s Diego bucket bag, because the hardware looks fierce! Will have to keep an eye out for one for you!


    I always end up with the same handbag and if i don´t I am sure to have left behind something essential, lol
    Have a lovely day

  3. charles

    I’ve been loving the 2nd one for years now! Gorgeous.


  4. Natalie

    What a great collection to rotate! I love your new crossbody bag too. I agree with you that you can’t deprive yourself just because you have a baby. I found I never needed real “baby bags”. Plus they always seemed heavier than real bags with all those extra accessories. I am still eyeing your Givenchy Pandora (jealous of your steal!) and I desperately want a Celine Trio, speaking of crossbody. ;) I guess the wanting just never stops!

    1. Post

      You have the BEST collection of bags, so I’m flattered you have bag envy of little ol me! :) Oh man, the Celine Trio… drrooooooollllll!

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