Weekend in Southern California

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I’ve lived most of my life in California, and though I’ve been to Los Angeles for several different reasons, like work, going to parties, whatever, I’ve never actually been for a vacation, or for a relaxing weekend. Mostly, when I think of LA, I think of freeways and traffic. Two things I’m not so fond of. But this weekend, my brother had a baby shower in Carlsbad, and Rocky and I had our 5th wedding anniversary, so on the way down we stopped for a long weekend in Santa Monica.

I have to say, it was the best long weekend ever. Perfect really. The beach is amazing, there is wonderful food and culture. We rode bikes along the beach bike path and hung out on the beach. The hotel we stayed in, the Palihouse in Santa Monica, exceeded my expectations both in decor and in service. From the outside, it reminded me of the hotel from Angel, (you know because I’m such a nerd) but the interior is spacious and well designed. Our room had a kitchen and a closet big enough to fit Jasper’s pack n play.

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Here is my husband trying to build a sand castle, and Jasper swimming in sand!photo (7)

The playgrounds in Santa Monica are so nice!

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Cupcakes form my brother’s baby shower… nautical theme!

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And of course, what I packed. We didn’t have much room in the car, because I gave my brother all Jasper’s stuff from the first six months of life… so I had to be minimal…

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jennineWeekend in Southern California

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