Obsessed With D’Orsay Shoes


For a long time I didn’t “get” d’orsay shoes. You know, those shoes that have the sides “cut away.” You know that show the arch of  your foot, they’re somewhere between a pump and a sandal. Or if they actually ARE a sandal, they’re a sandal that covers your heel. I used to think that the heel would bother me, or my arch would feel “naked” or I don’t know what I thought, but in the last few years, I’ve been loving, loving, loving d’orsay shoes. Hence, above, are my d’orsays in my current wardrobe rotation. One of every basic color, black, white, brown and red. D’orsay shoes are great, especially for summer because they have that teeny bit of exposure that makes wearing shoes bearable in the warmer weather. Plus, they’re also a bit sexier in their subtlety.

So, lately, I’m all about the d’orsays…. here are a few of my picks in stores now, just in case you might be into them too!

Shoes in photograph, from Left: Vince Camuto D’Orsay Pumps • Report Signature D’Orsay Flats •  J. Crew Valentina Pumps •  Franco Sarto D’Orsay Sandals

jennineObsessed With D’Orsay Shoes

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  1. Ashe

    I’ve been loving D’Orsays for a while, too! That being said - I’m finding, at least, with Jeffrey Campbell ones, that unless they have a strap, they eventually stretch out so much they fall off my feet. I had to get rid of a relatively new pair because I couldn’t walk 4 feet without them falling off!

    1. Post

      Ohhh good to know! I’ve had good luck with JCs (I think you convinced me they were ok?) So that’s why I suggested the ones in the shopping post, as I try to go with brands that I usually buy! Woops!

      1. Ashley

        It’s weird - I love and wear a TON of JCs! It’s like… maybe it’s how I walk? The backs got really “squished” down after a few wears… or maybe I should have gone down a size, so that when they stretched they wouldn’t fall off? Maybe it’s just me! The ones I have by JC with an ankle strap are so nice!

  2. Mercedes

    I was actually considering buying a Sam Edelman pair, they look so cute. But I’m afraid (as Ashe pointed out) that they will eventually be difficult to wear…On the other hand…for that price… :-)

    1. Post

      Oooh, it looks like Lisa has them and loves them! So maybe it’s a go? I am thinking about getting those as well, but being as I just bought three pairs of shoes… (the Franco Sartos) a pair of hurache brogues and perforated loafers, I think I’ll have to wait.

  3. Lisa

    I’ve grown to love this style of shoe (bought a pair of Sam Edelmans this season!). The closed-toe styles are brilliant if you crave the coolness of a sandal but you’re between pedicures. ;D

    1. Post

      Oooh, how did your Sam Edelmans work? Mercedes and I would like to know if they stretched out. I do love my SamE’s though, and they haven’t fell apart, but haven’t gotten the d’orsay style.

      1. Lisa

        Oops, the d’Orsay style shoes I was thinking of are actually BCBGeneration: http://www.sololisa.com/2014/05/latest-outfit-lighten-up.html But the site I got them from, StyleNV, also carries Sam Edelman.

  4. Francesca

    Voila’! The day I was bought into “espadrilles for the summer”, just the classic Naguisa in red, you now catapulted me into D’Orsay! And I actually found some Soludos D’Orsay-looking ones. This is real passion for shoes: thank you!

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